What’s going on over there?

This weekend, Cobalt and I traveled to NM for an amazing wedding! I took some great pictures of the bride and groom but we got back home so late last night that I didn’t even have time to upload them from my camera. Plus we had a pretty stressful weekend involving getting leaky tire on Cobalt’s car fixed (we got to drive halfway there on a donut tire!). So instead you get a picture Fred, my sister in law’s cat. S and Cobalt were outside pulling Virginia Creeper from the side of the house and Fred was so curious about what was going on…

Question of the day: Cobalt and I drove our friend The Chocolate Pudding down to NM and we got super hyper and crazy on the drive back up. What are your road trips like? Do you have ridiculous conversations or is it quiet and mild?

3 thoughts on “What’s going on over there?

  1. Ahhh, my Freddy! He’s such a cute, inquisitive cat. Love that boy! Sooo glad y’all were able to come down for a visit. (Just wish the visits were longer and not so busy!).

    Road trips are always fun, stressful, loooong, and can be so amazing! I prefer the quiet and mild, but do love it when we all get a little slap happy too! :)

  2. Cute cat! Our road trips are somewhere in between. The Queen catalogue is our official road trip soundtrack, so we always end up singing along to parts of it. We also occasionally play the “Roger Taylor Games,” which involves trying to see who can hit the highest note.

  3. My road trips sort of go in waves. We’ll have a really ridiculous first couple of hours that include terrible singing and funny conversations, then there’s a lull of zoning out, then it jumps back into crazy conversations. Since all my friends are nerdy, that second wind of conversations usually revolve around something really off the wall, like the implications of a time traveling ocarina in quantum physics or can a lightsaber cut through adamantium.

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