The ring debacle

That blue ring seems mighty small…

I promise, professional wedding pictures are coming soon… The proofs are supposed to be uploaded any time between now and tomorrow. It’s making me ridiculously impatient now that I know that we will almost have them. I check the website pretty much every hour…. Hopefully, next week’s Wedding Wednesday will be filled with glorious wedding photos. If not, never fear, the post will still be interesting. :)

Anyway, today we are going to talk about rings! I have been wanting to do this post for a while but I decided I would wait until the ring debacle was over and now it finally is. So here we go!

Cobalt and I ordered lovely titanium rings from Minter and Richter and they arrived in California shortly before we did (thus, my mom was too impatient to wait for me to get home and opened the package without us… :-/). They were packaged in wonderful red and black tissue paper (the effect was only slightly ruined by my mom’s sneaking around with the package ;)) and nestled inside a little tiny black envelope in the center. They were so awesome! One problem… my ring didn’t fit.

Apparently I had totally underestimated the sizing when we had had the sizers a few months back and I had still guessed the wrong size! The wedding was in just a few days at this point and I was a stressed out bride who couldn’t deal with the idea that her ring didn’t fit. So we got married and poor Cobalt had to shove my tiny ring over my fat knuckle at the ceremony. After the wedding, I wore it on a necklace until we got back to CO.

It might sound crazy but I was actually really upset about my ring not fitting. Maybe it was the lack of sleep that goes into planning and executing a wedding but regardless, there was some major unhappiness on my part. Meanwhile, Cobalt contacted Minter and Richter about the issue and they said they’d send out a new batch of sizers and make a brand new ring FOR FREE (these people are awesome, seriously). They sent me four new sizers that varied in 0.25 sizings for me to try out and wear. I found that my ring size is actually about 0.5 sizes bigger than my original ring! We ordered my new ring and it finally showed up last Friday. It was packaged again in an envelope in the middle of that red/black tissue paper, which meant that I got to open it (so it’s okay that you opened that other one, Mom)! I am so excited. Now I’m legit! ;)

Did you have any wedding drama? Did you have to get your ring(s) resized? Do you want Minter and Richter to make your wedding rings? We have a coupon for you… ;)

3 thoughts on “The ring debacle

  1. we had to resize Matt’s ring…twice! It showed up almost a full size larger than we had requested. I had to get my engagment ring made twice too…once by the first crappy jewler, and then we redesigned and had it remade with an amazing local jewler in Seattle called LT Denny. they did a WONDERFUL job! It was a long road but so worth it. We love our rings! I am so glad that yours worked out!

  2. I always thought I was a size 6 (though I never really wore rings), so I was quite surprised to learn that I actually wore a 4.75. The first engagement ring John gave me was a size 6 and couldn’t be resized without significant cost (it was an antique silver and turquoise ring), so I now wear that one on my middle finger. John’s ring was the right size technically, but it was so wide that it felt really tight on him. It’s being remade to be the same width as mine.

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