The ring debacle

That blue ring seems mighty small…

I promise, professional wedding pictures are coming soon… The proofs are supposed to be uploaded any time between now and tomorrow. It’s making me ridiculously impatient now that I know that we will almost have them. I check the website pretty much every hour…. Hopefully, next week’s Wedding Wednesday will be filled with glorious wedding photos. If not, never fear, the post will still be interesting. :)

Anyway, today we are going to talk about rings! I have been wanting to do this post for a while but I decided I would wait until the ring debacle was over and now it finally is. So here we go!

Cobalt and I ordered lovely titanium rings from Minter and Richter and they arrived in California shortly before we did (thus, my mom was too impatient to wait for me to get home and opened the package without us… :-/). They were packaged in wonderful red and black tissue paper (the effect was only slightly ruined by my mom’s sneaking around with the package ;)) and nestled inside a little tiny black envelope in the center. They were so awesome! One problem… my ring didn’t fit.

Apparently I had totally underestimated the sizing when we had had the sizers a few months back and I had still guessed the wrong size! The wedding was in just a few days at this point and I was a stressed out bride who couldn’t deal with the idea that her ring didn’t fit. So we got married and poor Cobalt had to shove my tiny ring over my fat knuckle at the ceremony. After the wedding, I wore it on a necklace until we got back to CO.

It might sound crazy but I was actually really upset about my ring not fitting. Maybe it was the lack of sleep that goes into planning and executing a wedding but regardless, there was some major unhappiness on my part. Meanwhile, Cobalt contacted Minter and Richter about the issue and they said they’d send out a new batch of sizers and make a brand new ring FOR FREE (these people are awesome, seriously). They sent me four new sizers that varied in 0.25 sizings for me to try out and wear. I found that my ring size is actually about 0.5 sizes bigger than my original ring! We ordered my new ring and it finally showed up last Friday. It was packaged again in an envelope in the middle of that red/black tissue paper, which meant that I got to open it (so it’s okay that you opened that other one, Mom)! I am so excited. Now I’m legit! ;)

Did you have any wedding drama? Did you have to get your ring(s) resized? Do you want Minter and Richter to make your wedding rings? We have a coupon for you… ;)


Wooo! We’re getting down on the number of Wedding Wednesday posts I have left! Last week marked our 1 month mark and now we are into DAYS on that little calendar over there (—–>;)!!! So I thought I’d catch everyone up on what’s going on. First – Second Wedding shower First, some background into how […]

Fake Married?

Last week, Cobalt and I got the aluminum sizers for our wedding bands in the mail. We each got to pick three different sizes of the same width so we could wear them around for a while and figure out which size was the size for us. Cobalt had an easy time of it, one of his sizers fit perfectly and the other two were either too big or too small. So that worked out for him.
I had more of a challenge. Because this ring is so much thicker than my engagement ring, the largest size I picked out (which would have been too big for a skinny ring like my engagement ring) was actually a little small. It went on my finger just fine but then it didn’t want to come off. In fact, I actually hurt my left finger trying to get the sizer off, which is why we are wearing our sizers on our right hands in the picture. So last weekend, we got to go on a fun trip to one of our local jewelers so that I could ask about sizing. Turns out that the half size up fits much better, going on easily but coming off with just a little encouragement instead of yanking and pain. So yay! We shipped the sizers back on Monday along with our preferred sizes so crisis over. Whew.

Guess what else we mailed on Monday?! Allllll of our invitations. Yay! Saturday was a fun day full of envelope stuffing, fancy handwriting (aw yeah, calligraphy pens), and envelope licking…

We are headed to wedding number two of the summer this weekend and one of my blog friends is also getting married this weekend. So exciting!!! Any fun plans for your weekend? Natalie, I know what yours are… :):):)

Four Month Update

Crazy that in 4 months it will be August and 4 months from today, Cobalt and I will be married for one day! That means we have a little over 3 months left to prepare. So I thought I would discuss some of the things we have been working on lately. Most of the big things are out of the way so it’s just on to the little details. THERE ARE SO MANY DETAILS. Just letting you know in case you didn’t already know.

Details (in no apparent order):

  1. Where/when to have the bachelor/bachelorette parties
    Our wedding is pretty much a destination wedding for most of the guests, excluding anyone who actually lives in my home town, so we thought it would be mean to have a separate weekend/location for parties. We’ve currently planned to frolic in San Francisco with our guests at our respective parties (we have yet to determine whether they will meet up) a few days before the wedding. That way everyone (including Cobalt and me) only has to travel once. As for the details of the parties… eh… not so much yet. We just wanted to nail down a day at least so our guests could start to book their plane tickets/hotel reservations.
  2. Where Cobalt and I are staying the night of our wedding
    Yeah… we really should figure that one out…
  3. Registry
    This one is almost done. In fact, I even posted our registries on the wedding website… though we are still updating one of them as we remember more things. Whew. Thanks Lauren for suggesting to us! :)
  4. Rings
    Are still driving us crazy. We have decided to get matching titanium rings from Minter and Richter but we have had a hard time deciding exactly which rings we want and an even harder time getting sized for them. Since they are titanium, they can’t really be resized (but they will make you a new ring for 50% off if you need to change your size) so we really want to have the rings fit (well duh…). Back in February when we were visiting Cobalt’s family, we went and got our fingers sized at the local jewelers. Then a few weeks ago, we went to a jewelers here because someone (me) forgot their size (sorrrrrrry). They measured both of our fingers again and the sizes were completely different than the ones we got earlier. So yeah… Mysterious. Minter and Richter actually sell a ring sizer. I think it’s time we buy that guy!
  5. Ceremony
    Actually is outlined! We have a good idea of how we want it to run and we have two offiants (cuz we’re special like that. ;)). Now we just need to figure out the details (sooooo many…) like vow-writing, songs we want, what to do about music (live vs. recorded), etc. Woot.
  6. Flowers
    Cobalt and I are getting married in a garden (see above picture – that’s what it looks like in August… and why we pretty much fell in love with the place instantly) so we are not investing too much time and energy into flowers. I have contacted a florist about the availability and pricing of the flowers I want in my bouquet (anemones) and the flowers I want my bridesmaids to hold (Stargazer lilies) but they are not responding… So I think I should probably get on that…
  7. Gifts
    Cobalt has ordered his groomsmen their gifts but I am still having issues finding the perfect gift(s) for my girls. I just want to get something both special and meaningful but also useful/something that they will actually wear/use, you know? Blahhhhh… Back to the searching. Sorry I can’t talk much about it but I know that some of our groomsmen and bridesmaids actually read this blog (hi! and Thanks for reading!). We also need to put our heads together about gifts for our families. Ooooo…
  8. Centerpieces, favors, etc
    Still thinking fortune cookies for the favors but they will probably be felt instead of crochet because then Cobalt can actually help me make them. Centerpieces… BLAHHHHHHHH… yeah… that goes into the category of things that we should think about… also table numbers and seating charts. Everything table related, really…
  9. Wedding Showers
    I have two lined up. One in my home town and one in Cobalt’s home town. Getting to Cobalt’s home town is drivable so we actually have a date set for that one. Need to set a date for the other one but I’ve been kind of waiting for an airline sale so I can actually get to it… >_<
  10. Honeymoon
    Cobalt and I are too poor to afford a honeymoon after this crazy wedding. We hope that one day we can go to France and also New York City (in the same trip preferably) but for now, we are thinking about chilling for a few days around my home town and maybe going ziplining through the redwoods. Oooooo…

What was your favorite detail to plan for your wedding? Or if you’re not married, what are you the most excited about planning? Anyone want to finish planning our wedding?! :D Do you have anything you’d like us to talk about in future wedding Wednesday posts? Any questions about how we did something or how far along we are with planning something?

PS – Garden update: now we have THREE lemon cucumber sprouts and one spinach sprout!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D (be happy I didn’t postpone the Wedding Wednesday post another day with more pictures of baby plants…)

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

Wedding expo?

This weekend, Cobalt and I are doing a crazy amount of wedding planning. I hope this post is awesome for you guys because I am pretty sure we’re going to be too busy for me to update over the next few days. So what’s going on exactly? Well, the biggest reason is that we are going to a wedding expo. That’s right… filling out tons of forms to win free stuff that we probably won’t win and being overwhelmed by a variety of local products that we probably can’t afford for our wedding. Cobalt and I are specifically interested in looking at local jewelers’ wedding rings. We have been looking around here in Boulder at various wedding ring vendors and nothing has really struck our eyes as the PERFECT pair of rings to represent the perfect pair that we are (;)) so we’re hoping maybe some local jewelers at the wedding expo will have some fresh ideas for us.

Do you have any stories about wedding rings? Are you only into the precious metals like white and yellow gold? Or do you have a thing for the weird metals like tungsten and titanium (or cobalt!)? Do you have horror stories about crazy rings or crazy jewelers? Use this as a forum to vent, compliment, or do whatever your hearts desire on the topic of wedding rings and jewelry. I am all ears (Cobalt is too, so speak up, guys!).

About the pic. Yes, this is my engagement ring! Prettiness huh? If it helps with the ring discussion, Cobalt and I would rather have rings that match each other than me having a ring that matches my engagement ring. Okay… Discuss! For real! I’ll be at work in lab awaiting your responses…