Best husband ever!

The stuffed sharks really like my new backpack… :-/

Welp, today’s my birthday and I was going to use that as an excuse to not post anything. Then Cobalt let me open my present from him early (before bed last night) and it was so cool that I just had to write a post about it!


I’ve been wanting to get this backpack for a while now for a few reasons. The most important reasons are listed below.

  1. It’s a shark backpack. Need I say more?!
  2. Okay, if you need another reason: The company that makes them has an animal protection theme and features endangered species on their bags. My shark backpack came with a note reminding us of the fact that shark fin soup could wipe out a bunch of shark species in a very short time period (like in the next few years). Boooo… we love you, sharkys!

Do you have any fun traditions for your birthday? Are you super excited about your birthday or is it just another day? Let’s discuss… except I’m gonna go get some cake while we talk… ;)

6 thoughts on “Best husband ever!

  1. Happy birthday friend! I always think your birthday is at the end of the month because I am a rotten friend like that. Actually you’re part of a big club of friends whose birthdays I always think are on the 27th. We are on the hunt for a good gift for you… Maybe something that fits in your backpack… So I have this weird Weight Watchers app and it has the points for a lot of “unusual” food in it. A cup of shark fin soup is only 3 points. Which is actually quite good. EXCEPT FOR THE PART WHERE YOU’RE EATING SHARK FINS! Poor sharkies. I’ll stick to egg drop soup.

    • That shark backpack is glorious! Good job on that one, Cobalt :) happy birthday town!

      My only real birthday tradition recently is calling Katie, because it’s her birthday too, haha

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m loving the backpack!

    I don’t really have any birthday traditions, although I do earmark it as a day where I can play video games without feeling bad about not being productive.

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