Minimoon ziplining!

So that’s where my hotel key went…. :-/

Finally, a Wedding Wednesday post about Cobalt’s and my minimoon! Well after the wedding, we headed to the coast of CA to stay in this swanky hotel called The Inn at the Tides. Waiting there in our room was a fancy care package from my MOH, her family, and some of my other friends. My MOH’s mom made us this awesome shark wedding card:

Anyway, the next day we awoke to the world covered in fog. It was a bit awkward because I actually forgot my hoodie in the bridal suite the day before so now I have a super comfy soft hoodie from Inn at the Tides to remember our minimoon with… Here’s a picture of the hotel in the fog:

but don’t worry, as soon as we drove away from the coast a bit, the fog cleared right up.

Then Cobalt and I went ZIPLINING!!! It was so beautiful ziplining through the trees of west Sonoma County, California. Plus our guides were super informative about all the different kinds of trees (we learned that redwoods are kind of scary to zipline to because they have a crappy root system and tend to sway in the slightest wind. One girl in our group asked to go last if we were ziplining to a redwood tree because she didn’t want to be seasick while she waited for everyone else).

Some ziplining stories: The longest zipline went right over where people in later groups were getting trained so they told us to scream bloody murder as we flew across. Also, because it is the longest a lot of people can’t actually make it all the way across. If you end up stopping, you have to turn around in midair and pull yourself to the other side. I curled up in the tiniest Potassium-ball ever and launched myself to the other side and I just barely made it…

After going through a bunch of zip lines, we got to go up a giant spiral staircase that wound its way around an epic redwood and then we walked across several rope ladders high above the ground. Finally, we ziplined to the last tree and then had to belay back down to the ground. It was so fun!

Here’s an attempt at a picture of me and Cobalt while ziplining (the camera was tied to my vest so it was hard to get me in the picture…..)

After ziplining, Cobalt and I had to head back to my parents’ house to pack up the car with all our non minimoon stuff, wedding presents, and other fun wedding things (we even brought three of our cactus centerpieces home)! Then we went out to a congratulatory dinner with my family before starting our epic journey back to Colorado the next day… Sad… the minimoon was so short and Cobalt and I were so tired from all the craziness that goes into planning and then having a wedding… the drive back to Colorado was a slow one…

Hopefully Cobalt and I can have a real honeymoon some day (yeahhhh NYC and Paris!!!!) but for now, our minimoon was an awesome mini getaway. :)

Where did you/do you want to go on your honeymoon? Did you leave right after the wedding? If you did, Cobalt and I are amazed… :)

3 thoughts on “Minimoon ziplining!

  1. We waved goodbye to everyone, hopped in the car, and drove about 4ish hours to Durango right after our reception! Now I think maybe we were crazy for immediately embarking on a road trip, but a lot of our relationship was road-trip based so it was sort of fitting I guess. I thought it was nice you guys got one too even if you were super-tired; a good time to just hang out with each other and decompress and wave at cows.

  2. Jim and I went to Santa Fe for our wedding night and spent the next day there shopping and having fun before returning home. About a year later we went on our “Honeymoon” to Disney World. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed it.

  3. Since our reception was at our house, we took the next day to clean up.Then we went north to the Mendocino coast for a few days. A couple of years later we went to Italy for 10 days and had a blast! These are great pictures.

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