Blue eyed bato

Short post today! Today I have a picture of my friend A’s cat, Meow. She is pretty much the most adorable cat of all times (though I have been known to say that about a lot of cats) and she looks at you with her big blue eyes and meows at you until you pay attention to her (or meow back, one or the other). Anyway, I am super proud of this picture because I took it on my iPhone and then used not one but two different photo apps to make it look awesome… oh yeah… I am turning into one of those crazy iPhone apps people… but only in the picture department. I am such a nerd…

In case you were curious, I used ColorSplash to do her eyes and then Instagram to make the general feel of the picture awesome. I kind of love it.

Oh yeah… I also call cats Batos. It’s my friend C’s fault. She started it when we were back in high school…

Do you have a smart phone? What is your favorite app? Do you have a dumb phone and like that way (that’s Cobalt…)? Tell me… :)

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