Favorite things about being married, part 1

Staying up late (read: 11 pm… :-/) giggling in bed and whenever one of us starts to fall asleep, the other one just starts giggling again… I feel so lucky to have married my best friend… :)

Photo: This picture is from the “not dating” phase of our relationship. We were at a birthday party (actually for our friend who is responsible for introducing us) and I am dressed up as Zoe from Firefly and Cobalt is dressed up as Llewellyn from No Country for Old Men.

I say part 1 in the title because there will most likely be more posts like this in the future. Are you married? What’s one of your favorite things about being married? If you’re not married, what is something you like about relationships (either one you’re currently in or one you’ve been in in the past).

4 thoughts on “Favorite things about being married, part 1

  1. Giggling in bed…J “banned” me from America’s Funniest Videos when in we were in bed…he said I giggled too much. I would try to stifle my giggle, only to make it worse and start laugh uncontrollably – thus being “banned”. My favorite part of being married was just knowing he was there and that we could be as goofy or serious (or anywhere in between) as we wanted to be.

  2. Giggling in bed is definately up there! Also being married to your business partner allows for great technical discussions in bed. Dream discussions are also very nice. I think my favorite part is just having a “best friend” with whom you can be as silly or serious as the moment allows.

  3. Lots of in-bed giggling going on around here. That’s my favorite part; The Man is the funniest person I know. I like learning new things from him like little cooking tricks or how to choose a good pineapple and it’s also fun to show him new things too. Even though we’ve been married 7 years we still learn new things about each other all the time!

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