The Valentine’s Day Shark Cake Pop says….

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! The Valentine’s Day Shark Cake Pop will (though he is currently residing in my tummy… sorry shark cake pop! You looked so delicious!). Anyway, if you have yet to get your special someone a Valentine’s Day card, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has some adorable e-cards for you! Check them out!

I made the shark pop at a Valentine’s Day themed craft party last weekend. I also made this little Valentine’s mousey (don’t judge my sketchy sewing skills…):

Now, tell me how you really feel about Valentine’s Day. Yay Valentine’s or ugh… pink…? Are you excited to see the millionth Die Hard movie tonight or are you braving the crowd to go out to a fancy dinner (or both)? I like Valentine’s Day generally, though I worry that people will think they only need to tell their special someones they love them only on this one day. So remember to tell those people you love them not just today but every day!

2 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day Shark Cake Pop says….

  1. We are excited for Valentine’s Day! We are going to have a Valentine pizza with Mom tonight and exchange cards & treats! We also plan to see the Die Hard movie this weekend – actually we’re seeing 3 movies this weekend (Die Hard, Beautiful Creatures, Escape from Planet Earth)!!

  2. I’m not too big on Valentine’s Day…I wouldn’t want to never do something on it, but I don’t like it to be a habit. Especially this year since we’re going on our honeymoon finally next week. It feels sort of silly to do something special tonight with that just around the corner, so we’re doing fancy grilled cheeses with tomato soup while we watch silly internet videos and tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory :)

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