The Cobalt and Potassium Saga – Part 1

Turns out there are no pictures of me and Cobalt from this phase of the relationship so we’ll have to go with an early “not” dating phase picture…

Valentine’s Day got me thinking of how Cobalt and I ended up together so I decided it’s time to tell the story… This is the first part of the saga of Cobalt and Potassium. I should warn you… it’s kind of an epic story. So let’s start at the top.

How we met, part 1
Cobalt and I actually met on NYE 2006/2007. My friend from college T was throwing a big New Years party in her hometown in NM. She invited me and my boyfriend at the time to come celebrate with all her high school friends so we all flew in in the middle of a ridiculously snowy day (that’s right, my first view of NM was of it covered in snow… this is weird). I was lurking by the food table (this is common for me at parties) when Cobalt and the guy who was his best man at our wedding showed up. They pretty much stayed long enough for us to get introduced and for Cobalt to squish my face and then they left. Real romantic… ;)

How we met, parts 2, 3, etc
Fast forward to the summer of 2007, when I moved to NM to do a post baccalaureate program before going to graduate school. It was a tumultuous time with me moving to a completely new state all by myself and with me and my boyfriend breaking up, getting back together, going on a break, getting back together, etc. I believe Cobalt was also having some similarly complicated girl problems at the time. We remet in June at a dinner with some of our mutual friends (people I met at the NYE party) and we realized we lived within blocks of each other. Cobalt got my phone number so that he and his housemates could invite me to stuff (seeing as I was new and I didn’t really know anyone). Two months later and boy/girl problems ended, we met again at another mutual friend’s function and Cobalt came up to me saying “Heyyyy! It’s your phone number that’s been on our fridge for the past few months! We should hang out!” I said “Okay…” We saw each other randomly at various mutual friend gatherings after that but nothing really happened until we ran into each other at a Halloween party. Cobalt told me we should go see a movie that week and so the Cobalt/Potassium saga began….

How did you meet your SO? Were you instantly involved from that moment on or did it take some time for you to get to know each other? Let’s discuss…

Next time – the “not” dating phase of our relationship…

4 thoughts on “The Cobalt and Potassium Saga – Part 1

  1. Hubs and I had to meet 3 times before we remembered each other. That third time, however, was love at first (third?) sight for him. Not so much for me, because I only had eyes for his BFF.

  2. My story is similar to That Nolen Chick. J and I met when I was interested in his BFF, and he was interested in me. (Not so) Fun fact: I stood J up on our first date to go out with another one of his friends…

  3. D and I met at work, when the company was hiring lots of new employees. They organized lots of stuff for the new people to do biking, hiking, photograpy, etc. I met D at one of these functions along with a boatload of young single guys. Years later D stopped by my desk one Friday evening and inivited me to a jazz concert. The rest is history.

  4. I’m surprised I didn’t know this story!

    J and I spent 4 hours alone in a car together (2 hours each way) for a mountain adventure with mutual friends. We had only met once or twice briefly at church, but she accepted my offer to give her a ride to the yurt.

    I think we were both a little nervous to spend so much time alone with each other in the car, but it ended up being a pretty good trip. ;) We both had made playlists for the car ride with many of the same songs, and we ended up getting lost on a mountain road and wandered through a moon lit clearing trying to find our yurt.

    We did eventually find the place, and after a night of board games and food, we drank coffee and took pictures together the next morning until the drive home.


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