I spy

A Christmas tree!

In the tree, I spy a shark “star,” a skeleton, a sheep from Germany, Ice Batman, Ice BatDracula, and a buffalo. Can you find them?

Let’s talk about the tree:
This is my first year ever having my own Christmas tree and look how cute and tiny it is! I love it already. I hope Cobalt likes it too (he put the skeleton in it afterall). I like to think that the Ice bats are guarding the tree against evil… :D

An artsy picture of the top:

Poncho the “star” and Jörg the German sheep say hi from the top of the tree!

Let’s talk about Potassium:
Whew you guys… trying to finish a PhD is hard work! I apologize so much for being gone but life is just ridiculous. Recently I’ve:

  • watched Catching Fire (it was good! I liked it!)
  • done 4 16 hour imaging experiments (I start up the microscope and then go home, sleep, and then come in early and turn it off)
  • flown to Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with Cobalt’s family
  • discovered that minus the French Country station (which is hilarious because it played a song called “My horse is dead” in French), Sirius XM radio is not all that exciting
  • Made delicious gravy for two different Thanksgiving celebrations
  • Probably done more!

Let’s talk about you guys:
How were your Thanksgivings? Are you excited about the holidays? Tell me something about your holiday traditions. What have you been up to?

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