Black and White: Green screen or not?

Today’s picture comes from the 4th of July! Cobalt and I didn’t have time for our annual hike so instead we just headed up to Boulder Falls for a quick bit. It’s pretty much the shortest hike you could ever go on but look at the result! CRAZY FALLS!!! Woooo. Reminded me of my family’s yearly vacations to Yosemite so that was happy. Anyway, I brought along the Nikon D80 and my 50 mm lens (prolly should have brought the zoom lens, crazy Potassium…) and we took a few fun pictures at the falls. Crazily, they kind of look like we photoshopped Cobalt and me into a picture of the Boulder falls. I promise these are real and we were not in front of a green screen!

Black and White: Revenge of the Spider Beast

Don’t worry, no Cobalts were actually harmed during the making of this picture. For today’s lovely black and white photograph, Cobalt told me that I should take a picture of him being attacked by his giant foam rubber tarantula, Rocky. I think that is pretty much the whole story for this picture because as you can see, Rocky is doing a pretty good job attacking. And Cobalt is doing a pretty good job of being attacked! It was fun to take this picture because I had to decide who I should focus on? Rocky? or Cobalt?

Portrait: Duplicity

Ahhhhhh fun with mirrors to start out our week today! Cobalt and I had a bit of fun playing around with our (D)SLRs yesterday. This picture came out of playing with the mirrors in his bathroom. Of course mirrors are awkward to photograph because if you use a flash, you get that crazy bright speckle all over the subject. So you have to take pictures with really low f numbers to try to allow as much light in as possible. Remember that the consequence of low f numbers is that you have a smaller depth of field. So check it out. My eyelashes are in focus here and the rest of me is in various shades of blur. Kinda neat, huh? I also like that my reflection looks sly but my actual eyes look a little shy… Ooooo…

Btw, today is my sister’s birthday!!!! Craziness, wee! I hope you have a wonderful day… :D

Black and White: Whoa… wide angle

For today’s picture(s), Cobalt and I played around with strange wide angle shots. We were inspired by the neat wide angle shots from the movie The King’s Speech. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out (it won like 4 freakin’ Oscars!). If you have seen it but you never even noticed the crazy shots in that movie, you should watch it again. Some great examples are when Colin Firth is on the couch in Geoffrey Rush’s office during their first meeting…
Anyway, I actually like Cobalt’s version of the wide angle shot better than mine (and kind of copied him with that shot up there). So to be fair, here is his shot. Thoughts?

Black and White: Bird off the Wire

This picture is from Pagosa Springs. Cobalt and I were on a picture adventure on one of the many little creek paths one morning when I got bored with shooting landscapes and turned to the birds. These birds were really cute but so hard to approach without them flapping away. This picture comes from the fact that the picture is overexposed and the bird was moving. It’s messy but I like it. I had so many crisp pictures of other flying birds but I just kept coming back to this one. I like the whole messy/bubbly nature of the whole picture. Sometimes life is messy and bubbly, you know?!

Btw, today is my dad’s birthday! Happy birthday dad! I love you and miss you but I hope you are having a great birthday! :D

Black and White: Fence Post

This pic is from a few weeks ago when the 50 mm lens was still a novelty and I couldn’t get over its awesomeness. Oh wait… I am still not over its awesomeness (Poor 18-70 mm lens… though it did get used for yesterday’s moon pic so it should be happy! :D). Anyway, this here is a fence post. Yes… Haha. I like all the details of the wood on top and then the nothingness of everything else…

Sunny Day Activity

Happy Friday everyone! I figured that since we skipped black and white Wednesday this week, we could have black and white Friday to make up for it! Anyway, I think this picture is really neat. Cobalt and I stopped to take pictures along the side of the road one day because he really liked a random dirt road that was off to the right. I was mesmerized by the bikers going around this turn though. I just stood there, camera ready, waiting for them to come. This is my favorite of the pictures I got though. I like how they look like they are all poised at the top of the hill, waiting for me to take the picture so that they can keep going on their trek. :)