CU Fashion Show!! Part 2

All the steampunk Disney princesses because you guys asked for them. Can you figure out who is who?! :)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Fashion Show Recap! Today’s post has a sneak preview of runway pictures! Are you excited?! I’m excited. Before we get to the pictures, I just want to talk about being a photographer at a fashion show. I was stationed at the end of the runway with a few other photographers and a giant spotlight. The models were supposed to stop for ~ 5 seconds and pose for us, then walk a few feet and pose again before returning back down the runway. The spotlight turned out to be awesome for lighting the models so that we didn’t need to use our flashes but it was hard getting the settings just right on the camera. Each position the models stopped in had slightly different lighting conditions so I was constantly switching exposure time and the aperature back and forth to make sure I got nice pictures of the models at each stop. It was kind of fun! Also, in order to get the models and their outfits to not be overexposed, I ended up sacrificing anything not directly in the spotlight – creating a sort of halo effect around the model. I think it still looks cool, though I am sad that it’s hard to see some of the models’ shoes…

On to the pictures!

I love the back of her dress! Gorgeous… and ruffles!
I know we saw her on Tuesday but she rocked her runway pose! :D Also her outfit and the outfit above are by the same designer.
We saw her on Tuesday too but look at the back of that dress! So neat!
I like her pants! Also I like that her vest is super shiny! :)
I love this picture. I love the motion of the dress and I love her facial expression!
Aw yeah! This is my friend C rockin’ this shirt. Same designer as the dress above. Beautiful work and C is a great model! :D
This is one of the outfits C designed. I love that it’s a hoodie! :D
Steampunk princess! :D
Steampunk princess part 2! :D

I love her scarf! I also love its reflection on the floor!

Yay pictures! Tell me what you think! Do you have a favorite? What’s going on for you guys? At CU, finals week starts tomorrow (our first year has to proctor an exam at 7 am tomorrow!) but I am so far removed from classes as a 6th year PhD student, all the bustling and the stress is kind of confusing for me. I just go to lab every day workin’ on ma science. I had an epic check list of things that I wanted to get done before Christmas but then the lamp for the microscope I was planning on using broke… and then some of my other science decided it didn’t feel like working either. Maybe it’s time for a vacation… It’s not all frustrating though; I finally succeeded in making something I have been working on since JULY. Whew… ahhhhh the life of a scientist. It’s ridiculous.

Okay that’s enough about me. It’s your turn – Talk to me! Go!

CU Fashion Show!! Part 1

This girl totally rocked her afro wig. :)

This weekend I got to be a photographer at a fashion show at CU! My friend C is a designer in the club and he invited me to come take pictures! It was really awesome. All of the designers are students at the school and I was so impressed by the talent my fellow students have! The outfits were all so unique and each designer’s story and selected pieces were so fascinating. I also liked hanging out with the models before the fashion show started. We had fun chatting about school, their outfits, their poses, everything! I can’t believe I was nervous when I arrived at school because as soon as I started taking pictures, I couldn’t stop smiling. I took over 1000 pictures! I’ll post some sneak previews here. Today we’ll have a look at everyone getting ready and then we’ll get to the runway later this week! Are you excited?! I am! :D

This is one of C’s models. She used eyeshadow to make her lips blue like that! Later she added more blue to her eyes and then totally rocked the runway! :)
This model’s designer had all her models dressed as Victorian birds. I loved this girl’s woodpecker dress. She had an amazing train (just wait till the runway pictures!).
The girls practicing their walks. The peacock outfit was amazing. The detail of the feathers was fantastic.
This girl designed and modeled her own dress. It was gorgeous.
Practicing poses for the runway!
I loved the way her makeup looked with her curls. :)
This model is Steampunk Ariel! I love it! :) Also, the designer of this outfit (and the next one) is a double major: biology and biochemistry. Potassium is super impressed.
Steampunk Rapunzel! :)

Wow! Are you excited for the runway pictures?! I am and I’ve been looking at them for the past few days!

Now it’s your turn: tell me what you think of these outfits! Also, tell me something you’d love to learn how to do or that you are currently learning to do! I’m loving being a photographer right now that’s for sure but I would also love to get better at clothing design myself! :)

Happy Anniversary! Now pose…

Turns out it’s really hard to get a picture in which 10 people are simultaneously smiling…

Hooray! Wedding anniversary pictures finally!* :D So before you scroll down to see the rest, let me tell you a little bit about the party. It started out a little sketch because Cobalt and I were running around like crazy building things from IKEA and we lost track of time. When the first guests arrived, they got to go with Cobalt to the store to get party supplies and snacks while I made sure the house was in order. Then when more people showed up we headed to the park by our house with a bag full of props for the photo shoot! It turned out to be really fun as you can see below (in no apparent order)!

K and A bravely started us off…
I think J is rethinking saying yes to K’s marriage proposal now that she knows that sometimes K has yoda hands…
Cobalt and T being sneaky in masks
A has requested the name Titanium on this blog now… Love it. Also she totally rocked this mask.
I love that C and L seem skeptical about the parasol while K seems so happy about it.
The happy couple?
J’s turn with the claws…
Titanium modeling the parasol, the mask, and the backdrop!

Then we went to the playground to play with the props. Cobalt is especially happy with the lens flare in this picture.

After the photos, we had a BBQ, played Cards Against Humanity, and giggled over all the awkward but hilarious things in that deck. I think it turned out to be a really fun time and thank you to all of you who came out and celebrated with us! We really enjoyed it! Cobalt and I are already coming up with new photoshoot ideas…

What do you think of the photos? Do you have a favorite? Also, what have you guys been up to lately? We’ve been getting a lot of rain (almost a proper monsoon season if you ask me!) lately. What has your weather been like? Are you ready for fall yet? I think that I was so annoyed with all that May and April snow that we got that I am still dreading fall and then the inevitable winter…

In other photo news, I took some engagement pictures for my friends M and J yesterday. Can’t wait to show you my favorites! :D

*Unfortunately my posting schedule is probably going to get a little weird for a while. My committee meeting is coming up soon. For those of you who don’t know, that’s where I meet with 5 faculty members and tell them everything I did this past year and how I plan to graduate in a year or less (freaking out excited not sure how I feel about any of that). Anyway, I have a lot of work to do to prepare for it. Also Cobalt and I are just plain BUSY right now. Craziness…

We need your help for our anniversary!

So Cobalt’s and my one year wedding anniversary is this weekend! To celebrate our anniversary, we’ve come up with a project and we need your (if you live within driving distance of Boulder) help!

A few weeks ago, Cobalt and I were hanging out with our (recently engaged!!!) friends J and K in a local bookstore. J and I were looking at magazines while K and Cobalt were off somewhere else. J picked up a few wedding magazines to flip through and I started with the photography ones until I discovered that this bookstore has an entire shelf dedicated to magazines from France. I picked up one about recent movies and flipped through it until I found an article about Ryan Gosling with this picture on the front:

I did not take this picture (obviously). This photo is by Art Streiber and is featured in the May 2013 edition of Premiere magazine.

I thought it was hilarious how he looks pretty normal except for those crazy yoda hands and I showed it to Cobalt. Then an idea was born…. here’s what we wanna do. So the day of our wedding anniversary (this Sunday, August 4), Cobalt and I want to have a photoshoot where you, our models, get to pick one crazy costume piece (we’ll have hats, masks, goggles, and even the yoda hands Mr. Gosling is wearing above for you to choose from but you can bring your own props too) and then you get to pose for us. I think it’s going to be really fun. Cobalt and I prepped all last weekend and we are super excited! If you would like to be in our photoshoot, leave me a comment here (or a Facebook message if we are Facebook friends) and I’ll contact you with details. Come one come all! :D

I also did not take this picture. This photo is also by Art Streiber and is featured in the May 2013 edition of Premiere magazine.
This is an example of one of the awesome props we acquired. Also this is how sad I will be if no one wants to do our photoshoot with us… :-/

If you are (unfortunately) too far away to come have fun with us on our wedding anniversary, tell me about your first wedding anniversary. Did you do anything special?