CU Fashion Show!! Part 2

All the steampunk Disney princesses because you guys asked for them. Can you figure out who is who?! :)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Fashion Show Recap! Today’s post has a sneak preview of runway pictures! Are you excited?! I’m excited. Before we get to the pictures, I just want to talk about being a photographer at a fashion show. I was stationed at the end of the runway with a few other photographers and a giant spotlight. The models were supposed to stop for ~ 5 seconds and pose for us, then walk a few feet and pose again before returning back down the runway. The spotlight turned out to be awesome for lighting the models so that we didn’t need to use our flashes but it was hard getting the settings just right on the camera. Each position the models stopped in had slightly different lighting conditions so I was constantly switching exposure time and the aperature back and forth to make sure I got nice pictures of the models at each stop. It was kind of fun! Also, in order to get the models and their outfits to not be overexposed, I ended up sacrificing anything not directly in the spotlight – creating a sort of halo effect around the model. I think it still looks cool, though I am sad that it’s hard to see some of the models’ shoes…

On to the pictures!

I love the back of her dress! Gorgeous… and ruffles!
I know we saw her on Tuesday but she rocked her runway pose! :D Also her outfit and the outfit above are by the same designer.
We saw her on Tuesday too but look at the back of that dress! So neat!
I like her pants! Also I like that her vest is super shiny! :)
I love this picture. I love the motion of the dress and I love her facial expression!
Aw yeah! This is my friend C rockin’ this shirt. Same designer as the dress above. Beautiful work and C is a great model! :D
This is one of the outfits C designed. I love that it’s a hoodie! :D
Steampunk princess! :D
Steampunk princess part 2! :D

I love her scarf! I also love its reflection on the floor!

Yay pictures! Tell me what you think! Do you have a favorite? What’s going on for you guys? At CU, finals week starts tomorrow (our first year has to proctor an exam at 7 am tomorrow!) but I am so far removed from classes as a 6th year PhD student, all the bustling and the stress is kind of confusing for me. I just go to lab every day workin’ on ma science. I had an epic check list of things that I wanted to get done before Christmas but then the lamp for the microscope I was planning on using broke… and then some of my other science decided it didn’t feel like working either. Maybe it’s time for a vacation… It’s not all frustrating though; I finally succeeded in making something I have been working on since JULY. Whew… ahhhhh the life of a scientist. It’s ridiculous.

Okay that’s enough about me. It’s your turn – Talk to me! Go!

2 thoughts on “CU Fashion Show!! Part 2

  1. You are AMAZING :-) Your pictures make me happy!, I’m glad you’re really taking the time keep putting more and more of these up, you rock!

    If anyone wants to know what the new trend in bottoms is going to be be, it’s my gladiator’s pant-skirt, or “pirt”! lol


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