CU Fashion Show!! Part 1

This girl totally rocked her afro wig. :)

This weekend I got to be a photographer at a fashion show at CU! My friend C is a designer in the club and he invited me to come take pictures! It was really awesome. All of the designers are students at the school and I was so impressed by the talent my fellow students have! The outfits were all so unique and each designer’s story and selected pieces were so fascinating. I also liked hanging out with the models before the fashion show started. We had fun chatting about school, their outfits, their poses, everything! I can’t believe I was nervous when I arrived at school because as soon as I started taking pictures, I couldn’t stop smiling. I took over 1000 pictures! I’ll post some sneak previews here. Today we’ll have a look at everyone getting ready and then we’ll get to the runway later this week! Are you excited?! I am! :D

This is one of C’s models. She used eyeshadow to make her lips blue like that! Later she added more blue to her eyes and then totally rocked the runway! :)
This model’s designer had all her models dressed as Victorian birds. I loved this girl’s woodpecker dress. She had an amazing train (just wait till the runway pictures!).
The girls practicing their walks. The peacock outfit was amazing. The detail of the feathers was fantastic.
This girl designed and modeled her own dress. It was gorgeous.
Practicing poses for the runway!
I loved the way her makeup looked with her curls. :)
This model is Steampunk Ariel! I love it! :) Also, the designer of this outfit (and the next one) is a double major: biology and biochemistry. Potassium is super impressed.
Steampunk Rapunzel! :)

Wow! Are you excited for the runway pictures?! I am and I’ve been looking at them for the past few days!

Now it’s your turn: tell me what you think of these outfits! Also, tell me something you’d love to learn how to do or that you are currently learning to do! I’m loving being a photographer right now that’s for sure but I would also love to get better at clothing design myself! :)

3 thoughts on “CU Fashion Show!! Part 1

  1. I like the peacock dress. Are you going to post more steampunk princess dresses? This makes me want to sew more clothes. i can’t wait till K and I are in our new place and i have room to make things.

  2. I LOVED the steampunk… Please post more. I really enjoy fashion designing and sewing and I hope that you get a chance to do some…BUT be careful… It can be totally addicting!!!

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