Cell Phone Picture: Forbidden Love!

For this picture, ignore the messiness that is my desk at work and focus on the two main characters in the foreground. Oh my! What happened for this picture was that I put my notebook underneath whatever Pedro Armadillovar was sitting on and suddenly Pedro and Bernard the pterodactyl were kissing! An armadillo may love a pterodactyl but where would they live?! :-/ I love how my triceratops looks scarred for life and my Freud bobblehead is analyzing the situation. “Hrmmm… curious… curious indeed…” Hahaha…
I hope you all have wonderful (and safe) holiday weekends (woot woot! 3 day weekend!)… anyone doing anything awesomely amazing?

Haven’t you ever wanted to hug a narwhal?

All right friends, Let’s try this again. I haven’t posted on here in what seems like millennia… Not really sure why. I guess life taking over…
Well let’s go! Yay! Today is a free day and in celebration of it, I am going to advertise some super cute/HUGE stuffed animals, like this guy up there. The website is Squishable.com! Anyway, this website/super fat stuffed animals have been pretty popular with my friends recently (one even suggested that Cobalt and I have fat stuffed animals as our table centerpieces for our wedding reception). I thought I would share one of my favorite fat stuffed animal websites so you all can witness the cuteness. The narwhal is my favorite. How about you guys?

One blue shark

Ooooo I got a new baby camera this weekend (>_<). This picture is from the Canon Powershot SD1400IS. My favorite mode so far is Color Accent. I played with this mode alllllllll weekend. Anyway, here are my stuffed sharks on my bed demonstrating my first example of how fun Color Accent can be. Only the small spotted blue shark is in color (even though the fat shark behind him is also blue – though a much different shade of blue). Fun times!!!

Feeding the hungry

For today’s picture, I bring you this gem that Cobalt and I took this last weekend. We have been excited about working on our photography techniques and composition by emulating other photographs/film screen shots that inspire us. Today’s picture comes from heyitsclay13’s “A Pigeon of a Moment” photo on DeviantArt.com. Cobalt found this awesome picture and I thought it would be fun for us to recreate it using our favorite “creatures,” sharks and skulls… and one strange bright orange fish monster. It was a lot to fun to have the picture in my head and try to get the composition juuuuuuuuuust right. That’s pretty much the story here. Btw, you should definitely tell heyitsclay13 that his picture is awesome because, well, it is.

Shark Comfort

I took this picture probably about a year ago when I was studying for my giant oral qualifying exam (definition: if you pass it, you get to stay in grad school as a Ph.D candidate/basically get your master’s degree – I passed, btw). I was really really stressed about it and studying like a crazy person. So to calm myself down this particular evening, I curled up on my bean bag chair in the corner of my room to read my papers. As you can see, I surrounded myself with all my sharks/shark stuff (you can even see the dorsal fin of my shark arm warmers at the bottom) to help calm myself down too.
I’ve been feeling pretty down lately – mostly just stressed out with work and life – and I wanted a picture to relate how I feel. I feel like a lot of times pictures/daily snapshots focus on happiness (which is a good thing! don’t get me wrong…) but I think that it’s nice to have some contrasting shots in there to make sure that people know it’s okay to be down sometimes too.

Snow Shark

Another thing I did this weekend was go cross country skiing with my friend Paul! This is the first year I have gotten a ski pass so I’ve been itching to get out there and use it. Turns out I am extremely out of shape in the skiing area but that is okay because now with my pass, I can go a lot more frequently! Plus Paul was an excellent skiing buddy/teacher! Annnnnyway, as you can see, I also brought along my travel buddy Scrarmpl. I love taking him skiing with me… though I am not sure he feels the same way judging by the look on his face. The last time I took him skiing, he tried to escape from my coat pocket so this time, he was securely fastened to my backpack. He still got a bit wet/cold for his comfort I think…

Cell Phone Picture: A shark, a shark, high up in the sky

with a tail as big as a kite…
Today’s picture is the top of our family Christmas tree – topped with who else but Poncho! You should recognize him from a few Fridays ago when he was hanging out with Ed the skeleton in Cobalt’s car. Anyway yes, I thought I would do a festive picture for today seeing as the holidays are… well… right now!
The winter holidays are a busy time for me. First of all, I was raised Christian so I have a lot of Christmas traditions I like to follow. Many include seeing family and friends and catching up on each other’s lives. Many others include a lot of singing. On top of that, I love love love giving presents to help people in need. Buy a book or a cuddly stuffed animal for a child in need’s Christmas present? Um… yes. Give a large tip to a waitress or waiter in a random restaurant somewhere on a random evening? Exciting! Donate 25 lbs of food to feed a family for the holidays? Sign me up. It just gives me so much joy to think about the looks on people’s faces when they see my gifts to them. I love playing a part in cheering up the world. As much as I love cheering up the world, I think it is important to think about those who have lost loved ones during the holiday season. So I also spend this time remembering and honoring those who have died and offering the gifts of love and compassion to those who need it.
Happy Holidays!
Love, Potassium

Cell Phone Picture: Don’t Forget the Shark Treats

Today’s picture is a picture of my travel buddy Scrarmpl (pronounced Skrarm-pel). Scrarmpl and I have traveled to many states (I used to have an exact number but I forgot now) together. He’s pretty much a stuffed shark version of a traveling gnome basically. Once he even got his own seat on an airplane trip to Ohio (no one was sitting there… I didn’t buy an extra ticket…)! He thought that was pretty sweet. I hope some day I’ll be able to take him on an extra long plane ride to somewhere outside the country…
Anyway, yesterday, Scrarmpl and I were on a plane together again and this time, he really wanted to eat my complementary peanuts. I said no because I wanted to eat them. Luckily, I brought along some goldfish crackers for the trip so I gave him some of them. That actually sounds a bit better for him anyway seeing as he is a shark and all…
I hope you all have great weekends!