Black and White: Something’s Coming…

For today’s black and white picture, I am posting a picture of a church I used to see every day on my way to and from work when I lived in New Mexico. One day, there were all these ominous clouds lurking over the top of the church and I decided to snap a picture. So ominous… I also think this picture is appropriate for today because yesterday around 3 pm, it got PITCH BLACK outside and then proceeded to rain/snow/be windy like crazy for the next 10 minutes. So something did come… No worries though, when something does attack, it usually takes off eventually… I also realized that my black and white pictures tend to be creepy. I should post a non creepy black and white picture one day…
As far as editing goes, I took this picture sometime in 2008 and used Paint Shop Pro instead of Photoshop so I actually don’t remember what I did to this picture. Sad days… but at least it looks cool!

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