Surf’s Up!

First things first: Before you are wonder how I managed to get such an awesome picture of an orca when I already said I live in the landlocked state of Colorado, know that I did not take this picture. It’s Thursday so I get to post whatever I want – including pictures I didn’t take. But whoa… let’s slow down and discuss the picture because after all, that is the point of a photoblog!
This picture was taken by Michael Cunningham, a photographer for New Zealand’s Northern Advocate. Apparently he was out body surfing last week when the orcas decided to join in on the fun! Cunningham jumped out of the water and grabbed his camera to take a few shots. Awesome! As you may or may not know, I have a special place in my heart for orcas (read: I love them) so I think this picture is amazing… I would love love love love to just be chillin’ at a beach somewhere and see an orca swimming around in the waves… Stupid Colorado and its lack of oceans…
Here is a link to the article where I found today’s picture if you want to read more.
If you want to see a gallery of surfing orcas (seriously… how could you say no?!), it is here on the Northern Advocate’s website.

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