Red sky in the morning…

Sailor’s Warning…
For those of you wondering, no I did not take this beautiful sunrise picture with my cell phone so yeah… no cell phone picture today. Wow… I am breaking all sorts of rules right now. I just want to point out the plasticity of this blog. I had pictures planned for both yesterday and today that just got totally pushed out of the way by this picture and the orca picture yesterday. I guess it’s good – keeps the blog current and up to date. No worries… You’ll see those pictures soon.
Anyway about this picture. Funny story as I am not usually one to be awake during the sunrise (unless lab requires it, which it didn’t this time). So yesterday, I was happily asleep when I woke up because I heard a strange sound outside my house. I got up and looked outside the window to see if I could find the source of the sound (pretty sure it was just the wind trying to blow my house down… it does that a lot) and saw this gorgeous sunrise instead! Forgetting that it was about 6:30 am and I still had an hour and a half until my alarm went off, I grabbed the DSLR and started shooting pictures of the prettiness. Freakin gorgeous… I love the oranges and the reds… and how the trees are just silhouettes. I also like how you can tell that it was a bit windy outside because the tree in the center of the picture is a bit blurry. Awesome.

Haven’t done this much this week as I really haven’t had that much to edit. I just wanted to tell you about it today in case you are wondering if I severely photoshopped the orange colors. I did not. If anything, they are a bit paler than they were originally because I used “Shadow/Highlights” to get the sky a little more blue. Otherwise, that is as shot.

Craziness today! Harry Potter 7 (part 1) comes out (I saw it last night at midnight… Ha!) AND my friend Janet is giving her thesis defense! Woooo GO JANET!!! :D

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