Here we are, two across a river

(Today’s title is from Lucy Wainwright Roche’s song “Bridge”)
So yesterday I talked about how black and white is good for composing photographs (and inspiring creative pictures) but today I am going to tell you that color can be awesome too! Once I saw those red bushes, I knew I needed to use them in a photograph. They are just so vivid! In this picture, I like that there are red bushes on one side of the creek and brown bushes on the other. I also like the fact that the creek is flowing from the left hand corner of the picture and then it wiggles its way through the picture after that. If you recall my post from November when I talked about composition and how the lines draw your eyes can give you a certain inherent ease or unease about the picture, this would be an example of something pleasing. The post from November, if you don’t remember, was an example of something that should give you a sense of unease.

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