One Slimer Cake Coming Up!

So my friend J wrote a blog post last week about this crazy vegan avocado chocolate cake that she made. I was intrigued because 1) what would a cake made with avocados instead of eggs taste like? and 2) it has freakin’ green avocado buttercream frosting to go with it. So I got the recipe and Cobalt and I set about making the cake. It turned out pretty good actually. It doesn’t really taste like avocados – mostly like chocolate and bananas strangely actually… Also, if you don’t like the idea of slime-green frosting, you can add cocoa powder to your frosting. I think it’s kind of neat green though. Might make for a fun cooking activity for kiddos…

Anyway, upon frosting our cake yesterday afternoon, Cobalt and I decided that it reminded us of Slimer from Cobalt’s favorite movie ever, Ghostbusters. Thus, Cobalt decorated our cake in proper Slimer fashion! Shown above – our claw machine Slimer gazes in awe at himself in cake-form. Below – slimer cake eaten… Yummmm…

In other news, I’ve been in kind of a photography funk lately. I tried to challenge myself this weekend – taking some self portraits of my new octopus earrings (Now I have black ones and I got some yellow ones as a gift too!) and taking some pictures of the ice we acquired from rain/snow on Saturday and I was frustrated with both activities. Booo… I just got some new photography books from the library… I’m hoping they’ll inspire me…

You know what time it is now… Your turn to comment on my post. How do you feel about avocado chocolate cake? Yay? Nay? Curious about that ridiculously green frosting? It’s REALLY sweet. I’ll tell you that… How about hobbies? What do you do when you’re feeling frustrated with your hobbies? Any advice?

Here we are, two across a river

(Today’s title is from Lucy Wainwright Roche’s song “Bridge”)
So yesterday I talked about how black and white is good for composing photographs (and inspiring creative pictures) but today I am going to tell you that color can be awesome too! Once I saw those red bushes, I knew I needed to use them in a photograph. They are just so vivid! In this picture, I like that there are red bushes on one side of the creek and brown bushes on the other. I also like the fact that the creek is flowing from the left hand corner of the picture and then it wiggles its way through the picture after that. If you recall my post from November when I talked about composition and how the lines draw your eyes can give you a certain inherent ease or unease about the picture, this would be an example of something pleasing. The post from November, if you don’t remember, was an example of something that should give you a sense of unease.

Black and White: Icy Reflections

This was another picture I took this weekend with photographer’s block weighing heavily on my brain. I got the idea to shoot this picture in black and white from this article, which I mentioned yesterday as well. In the article, she suggests taking black and white pictures so as to draw the viewer’s attention to something else besides the colors in the picture. I talked a little bit about my feelings on black and white photography before in my picture of the sideways gate. I think that shooting in black and white makes you think harder about the composition of the photograph and what you really want as the most important part of the picture. All that thinking and crafting is definitely good for jolting your creativity, especially when you have a half frozen creek in front of you to photograph. For this picture, I decided I would use black and white to try to draw people’s attention to the water, with its lazy ripples, as it flows through the iciness of the creek.

Photographer’s Block and Geese

Sooooo this weekend… I wanted to go out and take some pictures just to practice taking pictures and to find some fun pictures for this week’s posts and I found that I really didn’t feel like taking pictures of anything at all. Mostly what I usually do (unless I have a planned photosession like last weekend) is wander around a certain area of Boulder (downtown, a graveyard, etc) and take pictures of things that interest me. Or Cobalt and I will go on a trip and I will take pictures there of things that interest me. But we weren’t going anywhere and I was tired of randomly wandering around Boulder. And I was tired of just taking pictures of random things that I saw. In short, I was feeling a bit of photographer’s block.
This is when this blog becomes really important I think. I think that without it, I could have easily just stopped taking pictures, writing it off as “well, I’ll take pictures later…” but as we all know, the way to get over any form of creativity block is to try to gently ease yourself back into it. So I reluctantly began thinking of ways to get me excited about pictures again. Cobalt told me that when he has writer’s block, he likes to look up writing exercises. So I looked up photography exercises. I found two good websites with interesting suggestions. One contains suggestions for “new photographers” although I thought that her suggestions would be good for anyone who wanted to work on their photography or who felt like they needed a boost in creativity. The other directly addresses photographer’s block. I really like the 100 steps idea which I actually did not end up using but hope to try soon!
With those ideas in mind, Cobalt and I jumped in the car and drove one town over to the town of Superior, CO. I am not really sure what we were looking for in Superior but when I saw these geese, I knew I had found it. I think this picture is neat because all the geese except two or so are headed in one direction, clearly with some important task in mind (probably getting away from me…) and yet those two are sitting there like ???? What’s goin’ on friends?! Haha… I think it’s fun. Thanks, geese for being awesome…