Black and White: Icy Reflections

This was another picture I took this weekend with photographer’s block weighing heavily on my brain. I got the idea to shoot this picture in black and white from this article, which I mentioned yesterday as well. In the article, she suggests taking black and white pictures so as to draw the viewer’s attention to something else besides the colors in the picture. I talked a little bit about my feelings on black and white photography before in my picture of the sideways gate. I think that shooting in black and white makes you think harder about the composition of the photograph and what you really want as the most important part of the picture. All that thinking and crafting is definitely good for jolting your creativity, especially when you have a half frozen creek in front of you to photograph. For this picture, I decided I would use black and white to try to draw people’s attention to the water, with its lazy ripples, as it flows through the iciness of the creek.

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