Egg rolls for the new year

Last night, Cobalt and I made homemade egg rolls for dinner! Here are some pictures:

Baby egg rolls waiting to be cooked

Cooking egg rolls (yeah yeah… we don’t have a wok… wedding registry?)

Cobalt eating the first egg roll! (He looks dubious but I assure you he liked it). This pic is also neat because if you look closely, you can see the steam coming off the egg roll… Yay! Steam captured.

Happy days. I love cooking… I especially love trying new recipes! What do you guys like to cook?

5 thoughts on “Egg rolls for the new year

  1. I have awesome memories of making egg rolls with my dad. He took a Chinese food cooking class and loved it. Those egg rolls were the bomb. I’ve never had any as good as those.

    I love cooking, but I’m limited these days since I’m cooking for 6 people, 5 of whom may or may not enjoy what I make. Fortunately, Steve never disparages the interesting things I find (Rouladen Rats anyone?), but J is vocal about her feelings (“I haven’t yet learned to like this” because “I don’t like this” isn’t allowed in our house), A makes faces and cries rather than telling me that she doesn’t like the dish, C pushes his food around on his plate, and K spits stuff out and/or dumps it on the floor.

    Those egg rolls look awesome. And extra points for the steam capture!

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