Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

Wedding expo?

This weekend, Cobalt and I are doing a crazy amount of wedding planning. I hope this post is awesome for you guys because I am pretty sure we’re going to be too busy for me to update over the next few days. So what’s going on exactly? Well, the biggest reason is that we are going to a wedding expo. That’s right… filling out tons of forms to win free stuff that we probably won’t win and being overwhelmed by a variety of local products that we probably can’t afford for our wedding. Cobalt and I are specifically interested in looking at local jewelers’ wedding rings. We have been looking around here in Boulder at various wedding ring vendors and nothing has really struck our eyes as the PERFECT pair of rings to represent the perfect pair that we are (;)) so we’re hoping maybe some local jewelers at the wedding expo will have some fresh ideas for us.

Do you have any stories about wedding rings? Are you only into the precious metals like white and yellow gold? Or do you have a thing for the weird metals like tungsten and titanium (or cobalt!)? Do you have horror stories about crazy rings or crazy jewelers? Use this as a forum to vent, compliment, or do whatever your hearts desire on the topic of wedding rings and jewelry. I am all ears (Cobalt is too, so speak up, guys!).

About the pic. Yes, this is my engagement ring! Prettiness huh? If it helps with the ring discussion, Cobalt and I would rather have rings that match each other than me having a ring that matches my engagement ring. Okay… Discuss! For real! I’ll be at work in lab awaiting your responses…

5 thoughts on “Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

  1. Gorgeous ring, babe!!! That Coblat did a good job. :)

    What my guy and I are thinking are totally different things. What I mean is, our rings aren’t gonna match. At ALL. (haha) He likes the weird metals (titanium, tungsten, etc.) but he wants to get the fun inlays. He’s thinking wood, being a park ranger and all. But there are lots of fun options for guys with these kind of rings, and they are very personal. There are TONS of etsy artists that make amazing ones. Here’s a couple shops that have awesome ones:

    And what I’m thinking for me is melting down some old rings that Mike’s uncle had collected over the years and having a jeweler custom-make one. That way it has some sentimental value, since they are from old family rings, but it’s still something I want and like.

  2. My lovely and I have two completely different rings! My engagement ring is a simple two tone tungsten ring with one black band between two silver bands. It is constant throughout, a very simple design. My better half’s engagement ring is a platinum shield style ring with a lot of filagree that was made in the 1920s and has one small diamond in the dead center of the shield with 3 manmade shaphires one each side.

    Now for the wedding bands! Or at least mine, we haven’t gotten hers yet. Mine is another two tone ring( about 11mm in depth). Has two thin sliver bands that flank a “hammered” gold band.

    Hope you guys found what you wanted!!!

  3. Finding rings was really fun for us! My fiance always wanted a ring with his wife’s fingerprint on it…so we found it! His wedding band has my finger print and I got a band that has his print on it. It was actually the ring he proposed with, and then we picked out the “fancy” diamond engagement ring together. I wear the fingerprint ring on my right hand and use it when we travel so that I can leave the diamond at home. I have some links to the rings on my blog http://www.turtleinseattle.wordpress.com

    Wedding planning sure is fun!

  4. Hey! Tungsten isn’t weird! It’s awesome, especially for men’s bands. It doesn’t tarnish, bend or scratch, and it’s a lot more modern! :) Yours is pretty!

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