Wedding Shenanigans…

This weekend was a crazy ball of wedding planning. Cobalt and I flew out to California, worked on wedding stuff for two days straight, and then headed back to Colorado on Sunday. Whew. At least California was significantly warmer than Colorado so we could escape the cold for a few days (yeahhhhh sandals!). And we got a lot of work done. For example, we got our cake designed/ordered (soooo excited about it), got the boys’ tuxes ordered, and I got to be fitted for my dress. Funny story about that: my mom is making my dress and we learned that I should probably not eat 3 extra servings of spaghetti for dinner before being fitted. >_< Bustiers and full tummies are NOT friends… :p
Regardless, it was a good trip – though the jury is still out on the wedding rings discussed last week. Today’s picture is of Cobalt and me being bored in the bridal shop while waiting for our consultant to draw up an estimate on the tuxes. Here’s another picture of me wearing Cobalt’s tie:

We’re super excited about how much work we got done this weekend and how our wedding plans are coming along in general. Is it August yet?! Now I have a question for all you ladies (or guys, I don’t care) out there…. what do you think: should tuxes have pocket squares or boutonnieres? (or BOTH?!) Are pocket squares really worth $8 per square of craziness?!

6 thoughts on “Wedding Shenanigans…

  1. I personally like boutonnieres best, but the pocket squares do look nice. I wouldn’t do both as it may look too “busy”. Just my thoughts….

    Glad y’all were able to get so much done! That is fantastic!

  2. Pocket squares are lovely. I agree with the first comment, your mom could prob make them pretty quick. Might be cheaper than boutonnières as far as needing flowers/someone to make them. Also being full for your fitting might give you a little room for food on the big day, haha

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