Registry excitement and woes

This weekend, Cobalt and I got some more wedding stuff done. One of the main things we did was head to Bed Bath and Beyond (from now on this = B3) so we could scan in stuff for our registry. Now I can tell you we have had some good times and some bad times with this registry business, which is the topic of today’s post. Registries… Why are they so complicated? There are so many things that we want but then there are so many different brands and so many different stores that sell them for so many different prices! How do you narrow down what you want? Seriously. That is Question number one. I mean for ordinary things like cutting boards or spaghetti scoops – why are there so many brands? They all do the same thing, right? Also, there are so many brands for more complicated things like rice cookers or knife sets but we have been mostly using our friends (especially our friend the internet) to give us good suggestions (or reviews in the case of the internet) for those things. So there you have it, for question one – let us know your favorite brand for kitchen stuff (fancy stuff like rice cookers and non fancy stuff like spatulas), flatware sets (why are there so many different kinds?!), etc. Now it’s time for

Question number two
So originally, Cobalt and I were thinking B3 and Target would be nice stores for our registries – Target could be a cheaper option for guests who love us but don’t have the funds to pay for anything crazy. But now that we are into the fray we have noticed two things:

  1. Target’s website has caused us nothing but trouble. When we first tried to register, it wouldn’t let us enter our e-mail address and then once we went to the store to register, the website didn’t make it easy for us to see our registry and edit it online, which makes our life hard. Plus, half the stuff we scanned at Target ended up being on Clearance so it won’t be available for our guests to purchase and the other half was only available to purchase in stores, which makes it hard for those people who like doing their shopping online (Potassium, for example).
  2. B3 has a nice variety of prices. We have things on the registry now that range from like $5 to $250 so it seems that anyone wanting to get us something could find something in their price range from B3. Also, we have been able to find almost everything we want at B3

So now what do you guys think? Should we just say SCREW YOU TARGET and have one registry at B3 (even though it doesn’t have everything on our list?) Should we just hang in there with Target? ORRRRR should we bring Amazon into the picture for the previously Target-listed items? Do you have a favorite store for registries? Discuss (along with question one up there)…

Question number three
Cobalt and I are hard pressed to find an awesome comforter anywhere we’ve looked. Target, B3, etc. Nothing really caught our eyes as the most amazing and soft and warm comforter ever, which of course is the one we want. Who loves their comforter and wants to tell us where to register for ours?

Okay. So. To sum these these questions up for you guys
Topic: registries

  1. What brands do you like (kitchen stuff, kitchen machines, flatware sets)?
  2. Target and B3? Only B3? B3 and Amazon? or B3 and ………???
  3. Where do they sell awesome comforters?

Today’s picture – colorful sake from one of our favorite restaurants around here. We have not registered for these but maybe some people do (I just don’t think we drink enough sake to need our own).

Also, for those of you interested in actually getting stuff on our registry, we will post the finished versions on our wedding website when we are ready. :)

8 thoughts on “Registry excitement and woes

  1. 1. Calphalon anything is great quality. That’s the kind of cookware we signed up for. Everything else was kind of a hodge podge of things we picked based on personal experiences with certain items (like I vetoed any spatulas that were plastic…waaaaay too many melted ones in our drawer).

    2. Do NOT register at Target. I worked there for 5 years in customer service, and you would not believe the level of trouble that occurs when trying to make a registry, much less return anything from one. It’s awful. Not to mention any of the loopholes I had found in the system to make things easier for people have been closed up.

    We registered at B3, Crate and Barrel, and Kohl’s. B3 was our cookware and bedding, Crate and Barrel most of our dining stuff, and Kohl’s had bathroom stuff we liked. I’ve heard a lot of success stories from people who used Amazon too.

    3. Our comforter is coming from B3. We found a duvet cover we really liked, so we registered for that and for one of the thick, warm plain comforters that we can stuff inside it. During the summer we can just take out the comforter and use the duvet, so we still get an awesome looking bed without overheating ourselves.

    Good luck finding stuff!

  2. 1. We cook all the time and have really expensive, professional grade cookware on our registry. I second Natalie…caphalon is good stuff. We went with some recommendations from Sur la Table (where most of our registry is at) for most of our heavy duty cooking gear.

    2. Skip Target…heard nothing but bad things. Macy’s registry has been a breeze for us. We also are trying out which lets you add things from ANYWHERE online and synch your registries from stores. Puts it all in one big list that you can send out to your guests. It is working pretty well so far!

    3. We are having the EXACT same issue. Nothing good yet, let me know if you come across something good!

  3. A good idea for a comforter if you like down is to get a plain down one and then you can choose duvet covers for it. Easy to wash and change out depending on your decorating whim! Sometimes down can be too warm though…

  4. 1. Cookware – Calphalon or Emeril (that’s what I have and LOVE it). Gadgetry/Utensils – Oxo and Pampered Chef. I try to use mostly wood (bamboo) to cook with, but do have some nice plastic/rubber spatulas made by Oxo that have been wonderful. Small appliances – I would use KitchenAid. Yes, they can get pricey, but they last forever! A must to have – a KitchenAid mixer with different attachments (hello, pasta maker!)

    2.If you are having issues with Target, and you feel like it would be too much a headache to use them, then skip ’em. JC Penney also has nice stuff (dinnerware, cookware, etc) and even bedding!

    3. I got my bedding set at JC Penney for $99 – comforter, bedskirt, pillow shams, and even decorative pillows! They have great color schemes available and have a wide variety of types (including duvet covers).

  5. Regarding brands: do some research (especially with pots and pans) or get advice from the person at B3. They all look similar, but there are important differences. Calphalon seems to be a nice in-between brand. I really like Henckles (spelled wrong) or Fissler, but I don’t think either are at either B3 or Target. There is a store in Sebastopol called CUltivate that has really neat clay-pot cooking items, as well as LeCrueset. Hardisty’s is great, too, but they don’t have an online registry (at least they didn’t when Renee and Miguel were married). XOX makes some really nice things. I like stainless steel for big spoons, pasta fork, etc. Cutting boards? You really just have to look at the different features and go with what you like.

    In terms of bedding, Macy’s and JC Penny are really good stores for those kinds of items, and they have registries. You might want to look at LL Bean, too. THey have a lot of really cool bedding that I think might appeal to the two of you. The internet is full of bedding stuff, but it can get overwhelming!!! Actually, I have purchased things from the “National Wildlife Foundation” for the bed and bath!

    You can ask Renee, too. SHe went through this. She was registered at Target and B3. She had problems, as I recall, with both in terms of things getting actually marked off of their registry. She was also registered at Macy’s for some stuff (like her dishes) because they run some pretty good specials and also have a good kitchen department. They can be more pricey, however, in general.

    HOpe this helps!!


  6. For bedding, I’ve had good luck at JC Penny’s and also Macy’s. I say drop Target, you don’t need the hassle. In terms of cookware Calphalon or Fisher seem to be pretty good. Check out Crate and Barrel also. They have good stuff.

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