Cobalt’s Questions about Readings

Today’s post is written by Cobalt, obviously. Potassium still took the picture… and no we are not having a shark officiating our wedding… that would be… odd…

Hey folks,

Potassium is exhausted from work so she asked me to fill in for this Wedding Wednesday. I haven’t done blog writing in awhile so I’ll try not to suck. So we’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our ceremony and such, and I’ve been thinking about it as the “show” part of our little shindig. Vows are one thing, but what do we do with things such as readings? Potassium and I have our way that we like to do things and we are trying to find a way to makes the ceremony be us, but still solemn and nice. We don’t want it to be boring. I’ve been debating a little about readings. Are they worth doing? 1st Corinthians is nice and everything, but is it too cliché? Should we even care? If we didn’t have a reading would it be weird? What are some other ideas we should take a look at? I know this is a lot of questions, but we would like some ideas.

So whattaya think?

8 thoughts on “Cobalt’s Questions about Readings

  1. I think a reading or two is nice. We had one biblical and one secular at ours. If you opt for a secular one, it really can be something special to the two of you.

  2. First of all, I’m totally disappointed that the shark is not officiating. That would be awesome.

    We’re not doing readings really. There’s a passage that the pastor likes to talk about in ceremonies, so he’s doing that, but I wouldn’t really call it a reading. We thought about it, but every passage we liked, as you said, felt too cliche. We decided we’d rather forgo readings that felt forced. We are doing a unity candle part of the ceremony to inject a little bit of ourselves into the ceremony, but that’s as far as we’re going.

    I say if you don’t want to do readings, don’t do readings.

  3. We didn’t do readings. Of course, that was in the stone ages (a.k.a. the 90s).

    When my brother got married 9 years ago, their reading was from Ruth – the “where you go I will go” passage.

    I agree with branching out with the readings. If there’s something non-Biblical that speaks to you two, go with that. Or if nothing really rings your bell, skip it. I think the only thing really required at the ceremony is that each of you says “I do” and that the pastor says, “Ok, then.”

  4. This is the mom speaking.

    I too am a little disappointed that the shark will not have a part in the ceremony.

    Readings are up to you. Having them is nice. Not having them is ok. I think that a dinosaur did a reading at our wedding. ( Don’t tell Tillman that I called him a dinosaur)
    If you decide to do one, you might think about Song of Solomon. Or do the Love Chapter from Corinthians but have it read from The Message translation. These are mere thoughts, not even suggestions. It is your wedding, not the people invited.

  5. I’ve been a part of many weddings where there were a bunch of short (like 2 verses long) readings read by other people outside of the wedding party that showed the many parts of a relationship. (forgiveness, patience, love, grace, etc…)
    Can I wear a shark fin for the wedding?
    Whatever you guys choose it should be something that reflects and speaks for and to you guys.

  6. Other Mom here. There will be a shark somewhere on the wedding dress..Look for it!

    I personally like readings like 1st Corinth, Ruth, the Cana feast, etc. The translation makes a lot of difference. But certainly it should be something that speaks to you too. After all it is your wedding! We picked our readings a couple of days before the wedding when we were all sitting around talking.

  7. Holy crackers Cobalt and Potassium, you guys have the best moms ever. I mean, they get points for telling you you can do what you want (do you guys give lectures? My mom could use that message…), but encouraging the use of a shark in your wedding gets them massive kudos. You kind of rock.

  8. It didn’t occur to us to do a reading at all! We sort of suggested stuff we liked to PC and he obliged. A favorite Bible passage and maybe something you both like from a book or a movie would be cool. Or maybe someone could sing? That would be cool.

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