Shark Photographs

So yeah…. I know I usually post a wedding Wednesday post today or actually on Wednesday but this week you are getting shark photos instead. Yeah… I know… not as cool… But I have been so busy helping pack/clean our lab for our big lab move next week that I haven’t even had time to think about a wedding Wednesday post or even think about our wedding. Craziness… All I know is that I have spent waaaaay too much time packing boxes of stuff/cleaning items in the lab with 10% bleach so the movers won’t be afraid to touch them (we have to decontaminate all our instruments and put a green sticker on them to prove their cleanliness before the movers will move things)… but at least the packing is going well. I think we’re ahead of schedule!
In slight wedding news, our invitations are coming along nicely. Our friend T has been making progress and the invitations look awesome so far!!! :D

Anyway, without further ado, sharks! I took these pictures with my new iPhone! First is Gustav and second is Scrarmpl:

Which is your favorite picture? I think Scrarmpl looks annoyed about being second… What is your favorite app for the iPhone if you have one? What is something that takes up all your time so you feel like you can’t focus on the stuff that you want to get done (*coughs* for me it’s cleaning/packing/lab in general getting in the way of wedding planning/sleeping/lurking *coughs*)

2 thoughts on “Shark Photographs

  1. Sharks are always cool! I’m obsessed with Etsy, which pretty much prevents from actually accomplishing anything law school related. Oh well, I’m sure that 20 page paper will just write itself.

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