How fortunate…

So Tuesday nights Cobalt works for Geeks Who Drink. It’s a pub quiz company. Really fun quizzes! Look it up and see if there’s one near you. I highly recommend it (and not just because Cobalt works for them…). Anyway, so Tuesday nights he goes off to stump people with the quiz and I have a night to myself in our house to do whatever I want (dance party anyone?! ;)). Since last Tuesday night was spent sadly and frantically making a presentation for my annual committee meeting (grad school thing – your boss and two other faculty members listen to you talk about your work over the past year and give you suggestions/make sure you’re on track for graduating etc etc etc… sliiiiiightly intimidating?), I decided to make the most of this Tuesday night. First I made myself an epic feast (okay, it wasn’t that epic… but it was still delicious…) and then I decided to try out the pattern Cobalt and I found for making the felt fortune cookies we had in mind for our wedding favors. Turns out I actually had blue felt and green embroidery thread that are pretty close to our colors so my trial run pretty much shows you what the actual favor could look like. I like them! I think they look pretty neat. Now all we need to do is come up with what we want the fortunes to say… Thoughts? Potassium and Cobalt 2012? Or something sillier than that? What do you think of green fortune cookies with blue thread to go with these ones? Are you anti-fortune cookie? Tell me all your thoughts on this matter…

In other wedding planning news, the invitations are ready to be printed! Great job T for getting them ready right on time. :) Cobalt is (hopefully) headed to Kinko’s tomorrow to print a test invite and then it will be time for stamp and address acquiring! :)

2 thoughts on “How fortunate…

  1. I’m loving the blue fortune cookies. I think you could easily do some green ones too, but I can’t really see the thread in the picture so I don’t really have an opinion on how the blue thread would go with it.

    You should totally do silly fortunes. You’re silly people after all! Are you doing them also out of fabric/felt, or are you printing them?

    Yay invitations! Be careful with the test print though…we did a test print of ours, and they were great, but came out terrible in the actual printing. Somehow the color scale of the printer was changed between the test print and the actual printing, and it took forever to get them to help us change it. Ask them for a list of all the color scale parameters and what not when you do the test print so you have that info come time for the actual print job so you can avoid the surprise.

  2. LOVE the cookies! So original and cute. I agree with the silly fortunes. I think I would be disappointed if I didn’t find something funny/quirky/unique inside a blue fortune cookie! Maybe quotes from favorite books/movies with the tagline Potassium & Cobalt 2012.

    You guys are so cute! ;-)

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