Congratulations to a new married couple!

This weekend, Cobalt and I headed to our first wedding of the summer! It was awesome. J looked beautiful in her dress and S looked handsome in his tux. The ceremony was lovely and we all cried like babies. We caught up with friends who we haven’t seen in years over dinner and then we danced the night away! Good times… During the dancing, J and I talked about how exciting this summer is! First her wedding and then wedding number three of the summer is Cobalt’s and mine! Can’t wait! Cobalt and I are sooooo excited right now. :) I’ve been up to a lot of stuff so hopefully I’ll get a chance later this week to talk about it all… but for now, I am celebrating Memorial Day by taking a nap in the middle of the day! I hope you all are having wonderful Memorial Days! Is there anyone you are honoring today?

Pictures: up there! J looking stunning during their first dance – one of my favorite parts of a wedding.

Down here: J and S during the toasts… they were all very good toasts… :)

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