Envelope Drama

So when Cobalt and I designed our invitations months and months ago, I decided to go with 5×7 inch invitations, which would fit snugly into A7 envelopes (5.25 x 7.25). I figured that because A7 envelopes have a name (A7 envelopes), then they would clearly be easily located. This assumption turned out to be false. Cobalt and I went to a variety of office supply stores on Monday to get envelopes for the invitations he printed yesterday and all the stores had A2 envelopes (too small) and A9 envelopes (too big) but no A7 envelopes (just right!)… Booo. Luckily, the internet has a wide variety of A7 envelopes for sale. I chose envelopes.com (easy enough…) because they had a wide variety of fancy A7 envelopes for sale (and the ones we got were printed with 100% recycled paper! Score!).

On a related note, we have the invitations all printed out (Thanks to Cobalt for spending hourssss at Kinko’s yesterday!), we have stamps (thanks Cobalt for going to the post office yesterday…) and now whenever the envelopes show up, we can mail out our invitations (hopefully this weekend)…

Picture: Gustav the shark eyes the naked invitations. Quick envelopes! You’d better get here soon or Gustav will eat all the invitations! >_< Thanks Cobalt also for this picture!

Questions: a) Did you have envelope and/or invitation drama? How did you solve it?
b) Do you like my new header?
c) Tell me something exciting that is happening for you right now/soon/just happened! :)

4 thoughts on “Envelope Drama

  1. a) Our invitation drama came from the dreaded “test print” issue at Kinko’s. Tim did a test print about 2 weeks before we actually wanted to print, because we were trying out a couple different things. When we made our choice and went to go actually print them, the printer settings had apparently changed and all of our awesome colors turned into these really ugly almost dirty looking colors. Took 2 hours to figure it out, but we eventually got them to look like the invitations we loved.

    b) Your header is awesome and made me giggle. I have a window next to my desk that I write jokes on with chalk markers, and for about two weeks I had “Ask me about potassium today!” Of course anytime anyone asked, I just said “K” and went back to doing my work. My other favorite was “sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium BATMAN!!”

    c) I’m sure I have other exciting things going on, but they’re all being overshadowed by the fact that I GET MARRIED IN 10 DAYS!! AAAAAAAAAAH!

  2. I love following everyones wedding ups and downs :) Happy to hear that you got the envelopes all sorted out! We sure has some invitation drama but it was mostly due to the stupidity of the print desk people not knowing how to use their equiptment (that’s their job? what!?)

    Have fun getting them all in the mail!

    72 days to go for me! :)

  3. Love the new header. Very cute. No envelope drama when we got married, but since our invites were hand written, Dave practiced for weeks before we wrote them so that people could read his hand writing. ( I thought it was very cute)

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