Fake Married?

Last week, Cobalt and I got the aluminum sizers for our wedding bands in the mail. We each got to pick three different sizes of the same width so we could wear them around for a while and figure out which size was the size for us. Cobalt had an easy time of it, one of his sizers fit perfectly and the other two were either too big or too small. So that worked out for him.
I had more of a challenge. Because this ring is so much thicker than my engagement ring, the largest size I picked out (which would have been too big for a skinny ring like my engagement ring) was actually a little small. It went on my finger just fine but then it didn’t want to come off. In fact, I actually hurt my left finger trying to get the sizer off, which is why we are wearing our sizers on our right hands in the picture. So last weekend, we got to go on a fun trip to one of our local jewelers so that I could ask about sizing. Turns out that the half size up fits much better, going on easily but coming off with just a little encouragement instead of yanking and pain. So yay! We shipped the sizers back on Monday along with our preferred sizes so crisis over. Whew.

Guess what else we mailed on Monday?! Allllll of our invitations. Yay! Saturday was a fun day full of envelope stuffing, fancy handwriting (aw yeah, calligraphy pens), and envelope licking…

We are headed to wedding number two of the summer this weekend and one of my blog friends is also getting married this weekend. So exciting!!! Any fun plans for your weekend? Natalie, I know what yours are… :):):)

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