Just a reminder…

Potassium LOVES sharks… and these sharks are adorable! They look like best friends! :D I love that the one on the right looks like he’s saying “HAI friend!” to his friend. Happy. I could be really obnoxious here and tell you to go say hi to all your friends… and I think I will. So go do it. Friends need appreciating. I’ll start. Thank you friends for being my friends! :)
Anyway, I obviously did not take this picture. My friend Paul sent it to me! Thanks Paul for remembering my shark love! I hope you are all enjoying your Thursdays. :)

The ghosts are lurking…

Another picture from the disposable camera’s adventures last summer. One weekend last summer, we decided to drive up to see the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO and check it out. For those of you who don’t recognize it from the back/have never heard of The Shining (….), this is the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s “Overlook Hotel” in The Shining. The Stanley Hotel was not actually used for the movie BUT it still has haunted rooms that you can stay in (one of the coolest sets of wedding photos I’ve seen was from a “haunted” wedding done at the Stanley). If you can’t afford to stay at the Stanley Hotel, you can always go on their ghost or history tours. Oooooo…
I think Cobalt took this picture. That’s another fun thing about the disposable camera – both of us stole it at various times and took a few pictures here and there. So now we have a vast collection of very different photography styles on the same roll. Fun times. :)

Cell Phone Picture: Sleepy Potassium

Last Friday marked the end of an EPIC week. I was really really stressed with school and life and so by Friday I was exhausted. Cobalt and I headed down to visit his family pretty much as soon as I got out of work too so I got no down time. So we set up a little bed for me in the back of his car… that way I could rest while he drove. Apparently I passed out for long enough for him to snap this picture on his cell phone.

Portrait: Up Close and Personal

This picture should be called “Someone got a new lens this weekend…” because well, that is what happened. Yes. I bit the bullet and finally let myself get a new lens. I have been wanting this lens FOREVER and I decided to take the plunge. So now I am a proud owner of a Fast 50 mm lens for my DSLR! Yay! It’s a f/1.8 which is amazing to me because my zoom lens has f/3.5 and that is what I am generally used to. Though I did play a little with my mom’s manual focus lens, which goes down to f/2.2. Anyway, quick explanation: Really low f number = you can let in a lot more light to your picture (better for indoor photography) “but” you lose a lot of depth of field (ex: my eye is in focus but my ear isn’t). There are quotes around that but because sometimes that is a good thing. The loss of depth of field can make for a pretty cool effect when only the thing that you want in focus is in focus and everything else is blurry. Of course, it is not as good if you want to take a picture of a whole landscape or something. So… something new to play with, my camera friends! You can play with the f stop on your point and shoot cameras too. Just put the camera in the AV mode and it will let you set the f number (or aperture). Then it will adjust everything else for that number of your choosing so you still get a fantastic picture. :) If you’re really brave, you can put your camera in M (for manual) and then you can adjust everything (shutter speed, ISO, f number, etc) on your own. I do that for my DSLR pictures but not for my point and shoot.

Anyway… enough camera lessons for today (though I am sure more can come later). Let’s talk about this picture. So yeah… it’s funny. This picture is taken with my new lens on my DSLR but Cobalt actually took it. Nice work, Cobalt. I love it. :) And I love you. Awwww… Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Sometimes you have to say goodbye

I know, this is not a black and white picture and this is black and white Wednesday but I need to post this picture today. If you remember a few weeks ago, I posted that amazing (seriously, it’s one of my all time favorite pictures that I have ever taken) picture of my cat Blackberry? Well, today Blackberry, who has been struggling with cancer, died… and I am really sad. Obviously she was really old (18 years old!) and she was such a good cat to our family for that long. I have all these happy memories of her from all those years too. So I can’t hold it against her for dying. But it still makes me sad.
Cobalt took this picture of me saying goodbye to Blackberry in person last month right before we came back to Colorado. The whole way to the airport and back to Colorado, I couldn’t stop thinking about how soft her ears were and how happy her purring in my arms made me feel. I don’t think I will ever forget that. I’m going to miss you Blackberry… I love you.

Portrait: Centennial

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings! I definitely did. Cobalt and I went to visit his family in Oklahoma and it was a lot of fun. I took many pictures so you can look forward to seeing some of them in the near future…
Anyway – today’s picture: this is a portrait of my mom’s mom from 1981 (so I wasn’t around to take this picture). Today would have been her 100th birthday which is crazy epic. Unfortunately she died in 2001 so she’s not physically around to celebrate her huge accomplishment but she’s here in memory. Happy 100th birthday, Grandma! I love you and I miss you!

Surf’s Up!

First things first: Before you are wonder how I managed to get such an awesome picture of an orca when I already said I live in the landlocked state of Colorado, know that I did not take this picture. It’s Thursday so I get to post whatever I want – including pictures I didn’t take. But whoa… let’s slow down and discuss the picture because after all, that is the point of a photoblog!
This picture was taken by Michael Cunningham, a photographer for New Zealand’s Northern Advocate. Apparently he was out body surfing last week when the orcas decided to join in on the fun! Cunningham jumped out of the water and grabbed his camera to take a few shots. Awesome! As you may or may not know, I have a special place in my heart for orcas (read: I love them) so I think this picture is amazing… I would love love love love to just be chillin’ at a beach somewhere and see an orca swimming around in the waves… Stupid Colorado and its lack of oceans…
Here is a link to the article where I found today’s picture if you want to read more.
If you want to see a gallery of surfing orcas (seriously… how could you say no?!), it is here on the Northern Advocate’s website.