Wooo! We’re getting down on the number of Wedding Wednesday posts I have left! Last week marked our 1 month mark and now we are into DAYS on that little calendar over there (—–>;)!!! So I thought I’d catch everyone up on what’s going on.

  • First – Second Wedding shower
    First, some background into how Cobalt and I met. I went to college with my friend T (the one who made our awesome wedding invitations). She actually went to high school with Cobalt (so you are seeing how this goes). After college, I moved to the same state T is from and worked there for a year. Once there, she introduced me to all of her high school friends still in the area and voila! I met Cobalt. So this whole wedding thing is kind of her fault… ;). Anyway, back to college. T and I were roommates/housemates for almost the entire time we were in college and because her mom came up to visit a lot, I got pretty close with her. T’s mom is super excited that because I am marrying Cobalt, when Cobalt and I go to visit his family, I can also go visit her. Anyway, the short version of this story is that T’s mom offered to throw me a wedding shower for everyone who is friends with me and Cobalt and for people who are friends with Cobalt’s family in the area.
    Shower turned out to be tons of fun. We had a luncheon with me and some of my closest friends/Cobalt’s family before the actual shower began and then everyone else (including Cobalt!) showed up for gifts and dessert!
    Some pictures (Thanks to Cobalt’s sister/my future sister-in-law S for the pictures!)…
    First: Cobalt and I got glow in the dark Plutonium soap…. Notice Cobalt in the corner…

    Next: We got a shark oven mitt from S! The mitt was passed around to everyone and became known as “Mitt Nomney” thanks to That Nolen Chick. :) Also note how nicely I decorated Cobalt!

    Next: A really nice gift from our friend A… shark and skull pot holders and dish towels (she made them)!!! :D:D

    Another fun gift from T and her mom: An Air Swimmer Shark and a helium tank to fill him up!

    Finally, awesome shark cake for dessert!

    Awesome! It was so fun! Thank you to everyone who came and a special thank you to T and her mom for such a lovely party. :)

    Whew… that was such a long bullet, I almost forgot I was doing bullets. What else is left?

  • Favors
    Fortune cookies are coming along well. Cobalt and I have about 10-20 left to sew (thanks to his mom and him getting a bunch done a while ago…) and while we were visiting his family this weekend we came up with fortunes. We have 9 fake facts about us and 1 real fact about us. They are all ridiculously silly so we hope our guests will have fun going through each other’s fortunes to find the real fact or just to see all the crazy things we have on there. I am excited.
  • Flowers
    Thanks Jenn! You were super helpful on my bouquet post and I am going with spider mums for my girls and me. My mom was awesome and called florists in the area for the best price and it turns out that this one florist has white, lavender, and LIME GREEN spider mums. Whoa. Anyway, we are most likely going with the white (especially for the girls) but that is something I can take care of when I am out there a few weeks before the wedding. Cobalt has decided on pocket squares for his guys and my awesome mother is making them for the guys. Now each guy will have his own pocket square with his initials (and a shark and a skull) embroidered on it. Go Mom!
  • Ceremony
    Is going to be something that comes together at the last moment. We have one officiant in Europe this whole month and the other in Oregon and me and Cobalt being really busy with work and such. We have been having the hardest time finding a good reading that really suits us. We had an idea for a bit but now I wonder if we can find a reading that is better suited for us. We also need to WRITE OUR VOWS!!!!! >;_<; We've decided on most of the music for the ceremony but we are still lost on a good recessional… On the drive home on Sunday, we spent hours going through my iPhone's music to try to find a good one but we only succeeded in coming up with an idea of what we want and deciding what song we want to enter the reception with… Ohhhh mannnn ceremony…
  • Hair
    Still working on the exact way I want to do my hair. I talked to people at the place where I get my hair cut about it last time and they suggested I look up “permed wedding hair” because why would people with perms want to get their hair straightened and recurled?! I did and found frightening results… apparently the only “permed hairstyles” Google can find are the ones that look like you just got electrocuted. I’ve been talking to my mom and I have an idea we can try also when I get home. I ordered some very pretty anemones off Etsy for my hair though. Now I need to get time to hang out with my friend L so we can plan the veil…….
  • Rings
    Rings are ordered… waiting for their arrival…
  • Honeymoon and wedding night
    Hotel booked and ziplining adventure planned. Aw yeah minimoon! Then it’s back to CO… :(
  • Help!
    Cobalt’s sister S has stepped into the role of our wedding planner for this last month! I am so excited to be working with her because she is great at taking all the craziness that is flying around in my head and telling me what to focus on. She is awesome. Seriously, if you have a friend who needs a wedding planned, I know just the right person… :)
  • Road trip?!
    Yep. Less than a week from now, my MOH flies into Denver. We spend a few days freaking out hanging out here in CO and then we are off to CA to finish wedding plans! Poor Cobalt has to stay here a little longer for work…

Did I forget anything?! We’re getting down there on Wedding Wednesdays… crazy I know but it’s true. We’ve only got a few left. So what do you want to hear about? I’m giving you this option because if no one suggests anything, I worry that all my posts will be full of AHHHHHH THE WEDDING IS ALMOST HERE AND I AM RUNNING AROUND LIKE A CHICKEN WITH MY HEAD CUT OFF!!! I dunno if you want to hear about that or not…

6 thoughts on “ONE MONTH UPDATE!!!

  1. Sorry, but there will be no skulls at the shower that Nikki and I are giving you. I have a feeling it will be a bit more ‘traditional’. Sounds like everything is coming together for you. Now it’s on to the California wedding stuff! Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Yay! I’m glad I was able to help you figure out your flowers, that kind of makes me feel super happy.

    I think you should give us a dress update :) I know you can’t post pictures for fear of Cobalt seeing them, but if you can tell us how that’s going without giving anything away I’d love to hear about it!

  3. Whoa. I just did the same google search you did for permed hair updos, and there are some scary pictures out there! Then I tried “tight curly updos” and some significantly less frightening styles popped up– the first one that pops up is really really pretty :)

  4. Please remember any mistake is a memory. Also more than likely you and Cobalt will be the only ones who know if something is wrong. Also would you please stop and take a few deep breaths? And then smile. Life is good…….

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