Sometimes you have to say goodbye

I know, this is not a black and white picture and this is black and white Wednesday but I need to post this picture today. If you remember a few weeks ago, I posted that amazing (seriously, it’s one of my all time favorite pictures that I have ever taken) picture of my cat Blackberry? Well, today Blackberry, who has been struggling with cancer, died… and I am really sad. Obviously she was really old (18 years old!) and she was such a good cat to our family for that long. I have all these happy memories of her from all those years too. So I can’t hold it against her for dying. But it still makes me sad.
Cobalt took this picture of me saying goodbye to Blackberry in person last month right before we came back to Colorado. The whole way to the airport and back to Colorado, I couldn’t stop thinking about how soft her ears were and how happy her purring in my arms made me feel. I don’t think I will ever forget that. I’m going to miss you Blackberry… I love you.

Black and White: Curious cat

As I was going through my pictures to figure out what I wanted to post for today, I came across this picture of my cat Patti, Smokey’s sister. I love it. I love how you totally don’t even need color to know what a beautiful cat Patti is. I also love the way she is looking up (and not at me) in this picture so you can really see her whiskers and her profile. I also love the way her ears are tilted back just a little bit as if she is trying to figure out what she wants to do with whatever she is looking at. I am pretty sure that I was snapping my fingers (that’s what she’s looking at) and she was trying to decide whether it was worth it to expend the energy to jump up to get petted (there’s a car just out of sight on the left) or if she should just stay on the ground and make me bend down to her level and pet her there… You can probably guess what happened next… She decided that she was too good to jump up to my level and I had to kneel down and pet her on hers… Ohhhhh cats… ;)

Regal Cat

This is a picture of my cat Smokey. I think I promised to post this picture like 2 weeks ago so I apologize for the epic delay. I am sure Smokey is pretty upset about it all. ;)
Anyway, I am pretty proud of the way this picture turned out because Smokey is ridiculously hard to photograph. She would much rather you pet her than take pictures of her. She doesn’t understand why you keep walking away from her! Every time I’d back up to try to get a pic of her, she’d meow and come running. So… with this picture, we were walking down the street with her trotting along at my side. As I walked, I held my DSLR behind me and pointed it in Smokey’s direction. I snapped a few pictures like that – without even looking through the viewfinder or focusing (yes… this picture was definitely taken with autofocus). And it came out so well! I was so pleased.

Portrait: Why Do You Wake Me Up?!

So my winter break at home was awesome in a lot of ways but it was also very sad. This is a picture of my cat Blackberry, the matriarch cat of my group of kitties. She is 18 years old and is dying of cancer. So this was the last time that I got to see her and spend time with her. I spent a huge chunk of my break strictly sitting next to her on the couch, watching over her as she slept, making sure at least one part of me was touching her at all times, feeding her tons of cat treats, taking millions of pictures of her, etc. She is a good sport though, still as spunky and crazy as ever. Even when you could tell she wasn’t feeling super well, she still demanded her usual affections. It was special and heartwarming to be able to take care of her so much because she is such a wonderful cat. It was also heartbreaking to see her so sick and to know when I left that it was the last time I would get pet her and hug her. I’m really happy that I at least got to go home again and see her before anything happened. I’ll miss you Blackberry…

Snow Beast Attack!

I love this picture. It cracks me up. This picture pretty much gives you a good idea of what it’s like to hang out with my cats. First, let’s take a step back. Remember Tuesday’s picture? With that fluffy white cat that I said we called the “snow beast” because she gets all puffy in the winter? Well that’s her in the background, wanting to know what is going on with me and Smokey, the kitty in the foreground. I’ll tell you what was going on. I had gone outside in the cold muddiness to try to find Smokey and take some good pictures of her. I took a nice portrait of her too so look forward to seeing that if you’re sad you can’t see her face in this picture.
Anyway, so here’s the thing about the snow beast. She loves getting attention. In fact, she’s bitten my butt before because I was petting one of our other two cats and ignoring her. No joke. So as soon as she sees that she’s not the center of attention, she comes running, just as she is in this picture. I love how Smokey is turning to look at her as if she is thinking “Ohhhhh man… here we go…”
One more thing – I just wanted to point out how green everything is in this picture. Amazing… It’s from all the crazy rain we’ve been getting! :-/

What’s that I see on the horizon?

One of my favorite parts about coming home for Christmas is seeing my cats all puffed up in their winter coats. I guess I never really noticed them getting fluffier in the winter when I was in high school and saw them every day. The first time I came home from college freshman year, I thought my cat Patti (pictured here) looked like a snow beast. So here she is today in all her snowbeast greatness. I took this picture the other day because she was just so cute and puffy during this crazy rain we’ve been having. I love her facial expression as she looks out into the distance at some unknown entity. I wonder what she was thinking about… Probably “Why is that lame Potassium taking pictures of me when she could be petting my soft winter fur?!”
In other news WOW! Did anyone else see the eclipse last night?! Awesomeness… I was out in the cold taking tons and tons of pictures! So… look forward to some of those soon! :D