Nine Lies and a Truth -or- Fortune Cookies and other Fun Wedding Stuff

Lots of fun in this post. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. First, the fortunes. So in case you are just tuning in to the “Recap of Potassium and Cobalt’s Wedding” Series, let me remind you that for our wedding, we made felt fortune cookies as our favors (pattern is here). The fortune cookies were prominantly featured on the blog mostly because Cobalt and I couldn’t decide what to put on the fortunes. We actually figured out the back first (It said: “Lucky numbers: 8 4 12”) and then finally, one day while visiting Cobalt’s family, we cranked out 10 possible fortunes: facts about Cobalt and me. Nine of them are complete lies and one of them is a very silly truth. Cobalt typed them all up to make them actually look like fortunes (he picked an amazing font and they printed out really great) and then Cobalt and the T stuffed each fortune cookie with one of the fortunes before the T and I set off to CA. All this work was put in…. and then we forgot to put the fortunes out for our guests…….

I think what actually happened was that it was a bit windy when the caterers were setting up the tables so they didn’t want to put the fortunes out and have them all blow away. In the end, it was Cobalt and me running around during the dancing part of the reception handing out fortunes (it was kind of funny…) and we ended up with a lot left (as you can see from that picture). Anyway, I am sure you are all interested in reading the fortune options (even if you received your very own fortune cookie at our wedding!) so without further ado, here they are:

9 lies and a truth

  • While living in Albuquerque, Potassium & Cobalt were featured in “Breaking Bad.” They were in plain sight.
  • To recreate the day they met, Potassium & Cobalt are honeymooning in the belly of a whale.
  • Potassium was impressed with Cobalt’s uncanny ability to sing like a capaberra.
  • Cobalt was impressed with Potassium’s uncanny ability to crochet 50 chickens in an hour.
  • Cobalt and Potassium are secret agents. They appreciate your discretion.
  • Cobalt and Potassium have a pet dinosaur named ‘Sinatra.’ ‘Dino” was already taken.
  • Potassium and Cobalt accidentally spilled yogurt on President Obama when he last visited Boulder.
  • Potassium and Cobalt once went to Amarillo, TX just to try on big hats.
  • The understudy for the groom is Nathan Fillion. If you see him, let us know.
  • The understudy for the bride is Amy Adams. You won’t see her. She is hidden.

Switching gears a little bit. I thought I could also talk briefly about my bridesmaids’ gifts. I got them each a necklace/earring set and… a stuffed Shark Banana. The shark bananas were a huuuuuge hit and all five of them plus mine showed up for the wedding (without any of us discussing this idea). We took some pictures of us pre ceremony and then our photographer found out and went to town with it. “Okay… have your banana shark kiss Potassium… okay make your banana shark a mustache… OHHHHHHH I SAW THAT! You dropped your banana shark on the ground! I am going to have to call BSPS – banana shark protection services…” It was a shark banana/bridesmaid/bride extravaganza. Can’t wait to see those pictures… But until then, here is a picture of all the Shark bananas in the bridal suite before the wedding started… :)

What is your favorite fortune? Any other requests for wedding Wednesday posts? I am kind of running out of topics…

K and Co necklaces!

Probably some of the neatest gifts we received for our wedding actually had something to do with this blog. Two separate people thought we would like some K and Co jewelry! So you can see on the top we have his and hers Co and K necklaces and then on the bottom is one necklace with both K and Co on it. You guys are awesome! Makes me think you all enjoy reading this little blog and that makes me (and Cobalt!) feel pretty darn special. :)

In other news, Cobalt and I were pretty lazy this weekend. I had a crochet party with my friend J at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. We started making ewoks! For some reason mine is turning out a lot smaller than hers even though we used the same hooks, yarn, and pattern… :-/ I will have to post pictures when mine is done. Cobalt and I also caught up on our (always growing) list of movies to see in the theater. My favorite of the weekend was Beasts of the Southern Wild which is sad but also kind of amazing. I highly recommend it. The music is really good if you’re a music nerd like me. :) I think that’s all. Anyone do anything epic this weekend?

We’re married!!!

Yay! We’re married!!!

Quick post today because we just got back to Colorado and our house is completely full of wedding presents and everything else that we brought back from California. We are about to have a fun week where we put the house back together again! What a fun newlywed activity.

Anyway, I really just wanted to give you a summary of our wedding in terms of our favorite thing and something we wished had gone better.

Without further ado….

Favorite thing

Cobalt and I felt overjoyed and blessed at the people who were at our wedding. Sure, not all of our family/favorite friends could be there but the people who did come just made it so special for us. We have been continuously talking about how great it was to have a lot of our favorite people in one spot. Not only that, but the cooler thing was that everyone got along. Actually, on our wedding night, Cobalt and I got a bunch of picture texts from our friends who were having an afterparty in honor of our wedding and in the pictures were friends from different parts of our lives hanging out together. First off – how cool and special is it that people who are important to each of us are now friends with each other?! And second of all – how AWESOME is it that our friends had an afterparty after our wedding? We thought it was awesome anyway.

Something sad

Well not really actually. I’d say the wedding was pretty much perfect. I’ll have to talk more in detail about it later. Anyway, the one thing that we are sad about was that we didn’t get to dance as much as we had hoped. Specifically, I am sad that I didn’t get to dance to the cupid shuffle in my wedding dress! Haha… No seriously… I’m kind of depressed about that. We had it on our playlist but it was so far down on the playlist that we had to leave before we got to it…

Picture: In case you are not my Facebook friend, here is the GORGEOUS wedding teaser from our amazing photographer Holly Carlyle. Can’t wait to see more! :) Also check out my dress that my mom made. Looks good, right? I love it.

I don’t know if I am back yet… but there is a lot that I want to talk about on here so maybe I will be back sooner rather than later.

Now that the wedding has happened, everything is up for grabs! Is there something you’ve been dying to know more about? Ceremony? Guest book? First dance? Bachelorette party? Silliest thing Holly had us do for our wedding pictures? Bridesmaid gifts? Our rings? My veil? Seriously guys, I am an open book now. :)

One more thing… My blog friend Lauren is getting married this weekend! Yaaaaay! I hope it is AMAZING Lauren! :):) It’s been fun to do all this wedding planning together!

Look at those cacti!

Holy crap… One week from now (almost) everyone will be here and we’ll be gearing up for setup and the rehearsal! How time flies! We were at the venue yesterday (LOVE IT still… haven’t seen it since January and it’s so good to see everything in bloom and all the nice changes they’ve made…) and we walked through everything to make a huge map of events for all our vendors (caterer, photographer, etc). I talked to our photographer on the phone on Tuesday and she and I came up with an itinerary too! It’s allllll coming together quite nicely. It’s amazing how much more stuff gets done when I only have to focus on the wedding (and not on grad school too.) Thanks boss for giving me that time off!

Short post today. Cobalt and I are about to go pick up our marriage license (we had to order it online last night? We are confused about how this process works but we’re going over there anyway). Then it’s more errands, etc. I leave you today with these cacti! They are going to be the center of our centerpieces and also how we “number” the tables. Yesterday, Cobalt and I named each cactus and then spent hours working on a seating chart so that each person will have a place to sit at one of the cactus’ tables. Seating chart is complete (and I also took the map from the venue and figured out where each table was going with respect to the head table and the buffet) so now we just need to make name tags for the cacti so that people will know where to sit. Yay!

The cacti are just chilling in their funny little Home Depot pots in my parents’ backyard right now! If you can read any of their names, you probably won’t be surprised that they are completely ridiculous. We literally just picked one up, brainstormed a good name for it, put it back, picked up another one…

Update on life…

Whew… The T and I made it safely home on Sunday. It is so nice to be home. Driving 21 hours is epic… now all I want to do is sleep.

But… there is so much to do right now! And so much fun to be had! The California bridal shower was yesterday and it was a huge success. So much fun. :) I will hopefully do a post about it soon. I also got to try on my dress for the very first time (!!!!!!) yesterday and all went well with that. Today we are going to work on hemming it and I need to call our wedding photographer to finalize the photography schedule for the wedding day. Then Wednesday Cobalt comes into town and we can start to finalize everything else. CRAZY.

I am getting so excited about our wedding. It really just seems like such a blessing that our close friends and family will be here (even though some of them can’t come and I am sad about that). At the shower last night, I was reminded how all of these people are like my family and I can’t wait to spend Cobalt’s and my special day with them! I feel very lucky right now. I also feel very conflicted because I am so excited for everyone to get here but I kind of want time to get the rest of the details planned out and done…

Picture: Alfred the shark is trying to get me to wake up so I can get stuff done!

Epic Weekend!

Wow… Cobalt and I had a great weekend! We drove to see his family for the fourth of July and decided to spend the rest of the weekend frolicking with his family, catching up with some of our friends we haven’t seen in a while (we hadn’t seen some of them in almost 4 years!), […]

So many weddings!

So Cobalt and I have been busy: this past weekend we made pasta and then the weekend before we went to see our friends A and T get married! What a great night! The ceremony was adorable and heartfelt. A made her own dress which is freaking awesome. This first picture shows off her dress as she stands all ready to get married to T! What a gorgeous bride! :)

During the ceremony, they sealed love letters in a box with a bottle of wine to be opened on their 10th anniversary. Look how cute it was! 10 years from now will be exciting!

Finally, I love this cake picture!

After all the cake shenanigans, we danced the evening away and that was awesome! Congratulations A and T! :):):):):)

Who you gonna call?!

Cobalt and I ran some errands yesterday (bridesmaids’ and groomsmens’ gifts acquired!) and we found this amazing claw machine! All it had in it were Stay Puft and Slimer from Ghostbusters! Cobalt happens to be very good at claw machines and Ghostbusters happens to be his favorite movie of ALL TIMES so within 2 minutes of me taking this picture, he had gotten us a brand new Slimer! I think it’s that one in the top left hand corner…
Anyway, what are you all up to this weekend? Something fun? What is your favorite movie/what would make you the happiest to see residing in a claw machine?!

Mr. and Mrs…. ????

Let’s do a scandalous post today….

Let’s talk about last names.

I know I know… I can hear everyone get all awkward… or maybe that’s just me being awkward. Maybe everyone else is totally cool with it. If so, can you help me?

So the last name thing is a hot spot for me and I’ve blatantly shrugged it off over the past few weeks and months promising to deal with it later. Well, last weekend we had our last premarital counseling session with one of our officiants and we were working on planning the ceremony. He asked if we had thought about how we want to be introduced at the end of the ceremony (you know, after “You may kiss the bride,” there’s that part where you are announced as “for the first time ever…”). What’ll it be? Mr. and Mrs. [insert Cobalt’s last name here]? Cobalt [Cobalt’s last name] and Potassium [my last name]? Just Cobalt and Potassium, for the first time ever as husband and wife? The short answer is I don’t know.

For the entirety of my life, I always assumed that I would change my name to be my husband’s last name and become “Mrs. Whatever” because that is what you do. Then I even started joking about it and I was like Hey! My last name is cool! If he has a boring last name, then he should change his last name to match my awesome name… but then when it actually happened and I actually got engaged and actually had to think about changing my last name… it broke my heart. I have been Potassium [last name] for so long that it is part of my identity! Some of my nicknames even are based on that last name. It seemed like changing my name would be like changing my identity. Like lopping off my connection with my family and my past life and joining Cobalt’s family. I mean, I want to be a part of Cobalt’s family but not at the risk of completely losing my connection with my own. I know that is not what is going on here but it still seems weird to me that the girl is expected to do that but the guy doesn’t do anything like that for her family. I don’t know. These are the things that I think about.

So I’ve compiled a list of my feelings on this issue.
Reasons why Potassium doesn’t want to change her name

  • Read the above paragraph for all the emotional reasons Potassium is attached to her name: family, identity, etc.
  • I’ve published a paper in the scientific world with this name. And if you look up my last name in a certain scientific database, this paper along with papers published by my uncle and my grandfather pop up as well… Which is kind of cool. A nerdy family legacy if you will… Okay that is sort of a family issue but the real point here is that if I publish any other papers under any other name, then this one paper will be lost in a search for me and so people won’t have my complete paper publishing record… It’s a complicated science thing…
  • It’s a pain in the butt/very expensive to change your name!!!!! I don’t really think anyone LIKES going to the DMV so why would I purposely give myself a reason to have to go back there?

Reasons why Potassium does want to change her name

  • I still do kind of want to be Mrs. [Cobalt’s last name] because marriage is a joining of families and because it makes everything all tidy with kids and mail and checks and bills etc. Plus my mom didn’t change her last name and it made me feel like she didn’t want to be part of the family or something (it sounds stupid but it was kind of weird for me…)
  • I can keep my scientific name my maiden name so my papers could still be published under that name even if I legally had a new name.

I am sure there are plenty of other reasons to go in both categories but there are a few. Let’s discuss!

In other news, it is really exciting to get our RSVP postcards back in the mail every day.

In other other news, we are having problems coming up with the fortune for the inside of our fortune cookies. Any suggestions? Someone suggested that we put “lucky numbers” on the back that are 8, 4, and 12 (wedding date… hahaha) but what about the actual fortune? We have thought of jokes, trivia about the two of us, cute “ice breaker” questions like “When did you first meet Potassium/Cobalt?” and nothing has really stuck. Thoughts about those?

Okay… Here is your mission for today:

  1. What are your feelings about name changing?
  2. Be excited about RSVP postcards (and send yours in if you have one but otherwise just be excited)!!!
  3. Fortune ideas?

One more thing – the picture! It’s the cake for the bride and groom at the wedding Cobalt and I went to last weekend (hopefully a post about that coming soon!). Adorable, right? I love it. The groom’s mom made it too. Nice work!

Fake Married?

Last week, Cobalt and I got the aluminum sizers for our wedding bands in the mail. We each got to pick three different sizes of the same width so we could wear them around for a while and figure out which size was the size for us. Cobalt had an easy time of it, one of his sizers fit perfectly and the other two were either too big or too small. So that worked out for him.
I had more of a challenge. Because this ring is so much thicker than my engagement ring, the largest size I picked out (which would have been too big for a skinny ring like my engagement ring) was actually a little small. It went on my finger just fine but then it didn’t want to come off. In fact, I actually hurt my left finger trying to get the sizer off, which is why we are wearing our sizers on our right hands in the picture. So last weekend, we got to go on a fun trip to one of our local jewelers so that I could ask about sizing. Turns out that the half size up fits much better, going on easily but coming off with just a little encouragement instead of yanking and pain. So yay! We shipped the sizers back on Monday along with our preferred sizes so crisis over. Whew.

Guess what else we mailed on Monday?! Allllll of our invitations. Yay! Saturday was a fun day full of envelope stuffing, fancy handwriting (aw yeah, calligraphy pens), and envelope licking…

We are headed to wedding number two of the summer this weekend and one of my blog friends is also getting married this weekend. So exciting!!! Any fun plans for your weekend? Natalie, I know what yours are… :):):)