Envelope Drama

So when Cobalt and I designed our invitations months and months ago, I decided to go with 5×7 inch invitations, which would fit snugly into A7 envelopes (5.25 x 7.25). I figured that because A7 envelopes have a name (A7 envelopes), then they would clearly be easily located. This assumption turned out to be false. Cobalt and I went to a variety of office supply stores on Monday to get envelopes for the invitations he printed yesterday and all the stores had A2 envelopes (too small) and A9 envelopes (too big) but no A7 envelopes (just right!)… Booo. Luckily, the internet has a wide variety of A7 envelopes for sale. I chose envelopes.com (easy enough…) because they had a wide variety of fancy A7 envelopes for sale (and the ones we got were printed with 100% recycled paper! Score!).

On a related note, we have the invitations all printed out (Thanks to Cobalt for spending hourssss at Kinko’s yesterday!), we have stamps (thanks Cobalt for going to the post office yesterday…) and now whenever the envelopes show up, we can mail out our invitations (hopefully this weekend)…

Picture: Gustav the shark eyes the naked invitations. Quick envelopes! You’d better get here soon or Gustav will eat all the invitations! >_< Thanks Cobalt also for this picture!

Questions: a) Did you have envelope and/or invitation drama? How did you solve it?
b) Do you like my new header?
c) Tell me something exciting that is happening for you right now/soon/just happened! :)

Congratulations to a new married couple!

This weekend, Cobalt and I headed to our first wedding of the summer! It was awesome. J looked beautiful in her dress and S looked handsome in his tux. The ceremony was lovely and we all cried like babies. We caught up with friends who we haven’t seen in years over dinner and then we danced the night away! Good times… During the dancing, J and I talked about how exciting this summer is! First her wedding and then wedding number three of the summer is Cobalt’s and mine! Can’t wait! Cobalt and I are sooooo excited right now. :) I’ve been up to a lot of stuff so hopefully I’ll get a chance later this week to talk about it all… but for now, I am celebrating Memorial Day by taking a nap in the middle of the day! I hope you all are having wonderful Memorial Days! Is there anyone you are honoring today?

Pictures: up there! J looking stunning during their first dance – one of my favorite parts of a wedding.

Down here: J and S during the toasts… they were all very good toasts… :)


Last week, Karyl tagged me in a blog post. Basically, each person tagged had to answer a specific question. Mine was: “What do you look forward to in your marriage?”

I thought about this all week last week. Not that I’m not looking forward to anything… more like I was trying to figure out what will be different about being married. I know that things will be different but Cobalt and I have been together for so long now that it’s hard to nail down exactly what. So I thought a lot about what changes when you get married: the breaking off from your families and forming a new unit, coming up with new traditions, etc.

Then Cobalt and I met with our premarital counselor/pastor last weekend and he talked to us about this idea of being transparent to each other. We were talking about learning how to better communicate our feelings to each other and our pastor told us that we are becoming the safest person in the whole world for the other person. That it’s okay for me to open up to Cobalt and that it’s okay for him to open up to me. That we can be totally transparent about our feelings and our beliefs and that it’s okay. It’s safe. Cobalt won’t stop loving me when I am feeling fragile or angry and I won’t stop loving him when he is feeling frustrated or hurt. And I think that is what I am most looking forward to in marriage, learning how to be transparent to Cobalt. Makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside. Makes me feel safe to know that he’s the one I get to finally open up to…

In other wedding news, we have officially paid off the photographer! Kudos to her for making us a contract where everything is due BEFORE a month before the wedding so we can get her checked off before we have to start paying everything else off in July…
Also, the invitations are almost done. Cobalt and I had to decide on some fonts for T, which we did this weekend. Hopefully we can get those printed off soon.
ALSO – we are starting to get registry gifts! I am excited to try out Natalie’s Gift/thank you note excel file and excited that Cobalt and I already purchased our Thank You notes.

Picture: Cobalt and me at 14,000 feet above sea level on Pike’s Peak – the easiest 14’er to get up around here (you drive).

Shark Photographs

So yeah…. I know I usually post a wedding Wednesday post today or actually on Wednesday but this week you are getting shark photos instead. Yeah… I know… not as cool… But I have been so busy helping pack/clean our lab for our big lab move next week that I haven’t even had time to think about a wedding Wednesday post or even think about our wedding. Craziness… All I know is that I have spent waaaaay too much time packing boxes of stuff/cleaning items in the lab with 10% bleach so the movers won’t be afraid to touch them (we have to decontaminate all our instruments and put a green sticker on them to prove their cleanliness before the movers will move things)… but at least the packing is going well. I think we’re ahead of schedule!
In slight wedding news, our invitations are coming along nicely. Our friend T has been making progress and the invitations look awesome so far!!! :D

Anyway, without further ado, sharks! I took these pictures with my new iPhone! First is Gustav and second is Scrarmpl:

Which is your favorite picture? I think Scrarmpl looks annoyed about being second… What is your favorite app for the iPhone if you have one? What is something that takes up all your time so you feel like you can’t focus on the stuff that you want to get done (*coughs* for me it’s cleaning/packing/lab in general getting in the way of wedding planning/sleeping/lurking *coughs*)

One year and a letter

Dear Cobalt,
As you know, a year ago today (April 16, 2011), you proposed to me! I can’t believe it’s been a year. It seems like it was just yesterday we were standing on that mesa in New Mexico, me thinking about lunch (>_<) and you nervous about the proposal. Then you started to talk and I was so clueless about what was going on until halfway through and then so !!!! about what was going on after that that I don't remember what you said! You told me later that you don't really remember what you said either so I guess it's up to the winds of New Mexico to remember that part…
Anyway, you proposed and I said yes and then we sat there on the edge of that mesa feeling nervous but also excited as we planned our future together looking out as far as the eye can see at red New Mexico…
I just want you to know, despite how stressful planning this wedding has been and despite how crazy our jobs are making us, how much I love you and how excited I am for August 4th. I am so excited for us to be together forever and for all the fun adventures we will have in the coming years. :)

Picture by Holly Carlyle Photography.

Four Month Update

Crazy that in 4 months it will be August and 4 months from today, Cobalt and I will be married for one day! That means we have a little over 3 months left to prepare. So I thought I would discuss some of the things we have been working on lately. Most of the big things are out of the way so it’s just on to the little details. THERE ARE SO MANY DETAILS. Just letting you know in case you didn’t already know.

Details (in no apparent order):

  1. Where/when to have the bachelor/bachelorette parties
    Our wedding is pretty much a destination wedding for most of the guests, excluding anyone who actually lives in my home town, so we thought it would be mean to have a separate weekend/location for parties. We’ve currently planned to frolic in San Francisco with our guests at our respective parties (we have yet to determine whether they will meet up) a few days before the wedding. That way everyone (including Cobalt and me) only has to travel once. As for the details of the parties… eh… not so much yet. We just wanted to nail down a day at least so our guests could start to book their plane tickets/hotel reservations.
  2. Where Cobalt and I are staying the night of our wedding
    Yeah… we really should figure that one out…
  3. Registry
    This one is almost done. In fact, I even posted our registries on the wedding website… though we are still updating one of them as we remember more things. Whew. Thanks Lauren for suggesting Myregistry.com to us! :)
  4. Rings
    Are still driving us crazy. We have decided to get matching titanium rings from Minter and Richter but we have had a hard time deciding exactly which rings we want and an even harder time getting sized for them. Since they are titanium, they can’t really be resized (but they will make you a new ring for 50% off if you need to change your size) so we really want to have the rings fit (well duh…). Back in February when we were visiting Cobalt’s family, we went and got our fingers sized at the local jewelers. Then a few weeks ago, we went to a jewelers here because someone (me) forgot their size (sorrrrrrry). They measured both of our fingers again and the sizes were completely different than the ones we got earlier. So yeah… Mysterious. Minter and Richter actually sell a ring sizer. I think it’s time we buy that guy!
  5. Ceremony
    Actually is outlined! We have a good idea of how we want it to run and we have two offiants (cuz we’re special like that. ;)). Now we just need to figure out the details (sooooo many…) like vow-writing, songs we want, what to do about music (live vs. recorded), etc. Woot.
  6. Flowers
    Cobalt and I are getting married in a garden (see above picture – that’s what it looks like in August… and why we pretty much fell in love with the place instantly) so we are not investing too much time and energy into flowers. I have contacted a florist about the availability and pricing of the flowers I want in my bouquet (anemones) and the flowers I want my bridesmaids to hold (Stargazer lilies) but they are not responding… So I think I should probably get on that…
  7. Gifts
    Cobalt has ordered his groomsmen their gifts but I am still having issues finding the perfect gift(s) for my girls. I just want to get something both special and meaningful but also useful/something that they will actually wear/use, you know? Blahhhhh… Back to the searching. Sorry I can’t talk much about it but I know that some of our groomsmen and bridesmaids actually read this blog (hi! and Thanks for reading!). We also need to put our heads together about gifts for our families. Ooooo…
  8. Centerpieces, favors, etc
    Still thinking fortune cookies for the favors but they will probably be felt instead of crochet because then Cobalt can actually help me make them. Centerpieces… BLAHHHHHHHH… yeah… that goes into the category of things that we should think about… also table numbers and seating charts. Everything table related, really…
  9. Wedding Showers
    I have two lined up. One in my home town and one in Cobalt’s home town. Getting to Cobalt’s home town is drivable so we actually have a date set for that one. Need to set a date for the other one but I’ve been kind of waiting for an airline sale so I can actually get to it… >_<
  10. Honeymoon
    Cobalt and I are too poor to afford a honeymoon after this crazy wedding. We hope that one day we can go to France and also New York City (in the same trip preferably) but for now, we are thinking about chilling for a few days around my home town and maybe going ziplining through the redwoods. Oooooo…

What was your favorite detail to plan for your wedding? Or if you’re not married, what are you the most excited about planning? Anyone want to finish planning our wedding?! :D Do you have anything you’d like us to talk about in future wedding Wednesday posts? Any questions about how we did something or how far along we are with planning something?

PS – Garden update: now we have THREE lemon cucumber sprouts and one spinach sprout!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D (be happy I didn’t postpone the Wedding Wednesday post another day with more pictures of baby plants…)

Registry excitement and woes

This weekend, Cobalt and I got some more wedding stuff done. One of the main things we did was head to Bed Bath and Beyond (from now on this = B3) so we could scan in stuff for our registry. Now I can tell you we have had some good times and some bad times with this registry business, which is the topic of today’s post. Registries… Why are they so complicated? There are so many things that we want but then there are so many different brands and so many different stores that sell them for so many different prices! How do you narrow down what you want? Seriously. That is Question number one. I mean for ordinary things like cutting boards or spaghetti scoops – why are there so many brands? They all do the same thing, right? Also, there are so many brands for more complicated things like rice cookers or knife sets but we have been mostly using our friends (especially our friend the internet) to give us good suggestions (or reviews in the case of the internet) for those things. So there you have it, for question one – let us know your favorite brand for kitchen stuff (fancy stuff like rice cookers and non fancy stuff like spatulas), flatware sets (why are there so many different kinds?!), etc. Now it’s time for

Question number two
So originally, Cobalt and I were thinking B3 and Target would be nice stores for our registries – Target could be a cheaper option for guests who love us but don’t have the funds to pay for anything crazy. But now that we are into the fray we have noticed two things:

  1. Target’s website has caused us nothing but trouble. When we first tried to register, it wouldn’t let us enter our e-mail address and then once we went to the store to register, the website didn’t make it easy for us to see our registry and edit it online, which makes our life hard. Plus, half the stuff we scanned at Target ended up being on Clearance so it won’t be available for our guests to purchase and the other half was only available to purchase in stores, which makes it hard for those people who like doing their shopping online (Potassium, for example).
  2. B3 has a nice variety of prices. We have things on the registry now that range from like $5 to $250 so it seems that anyone wanting to get us something could find something in their price range from B3. Also, we have been able to find almost everything we want at B3

So now what do you guys think? Should we just say SCREW YOU TARGET and have one registry at B3 (even though it doesn’t have everything on our list?) Should we just hang in there with Target? ORRRRR should we bring Amazon into the picture for the previously Target-listed items? Do you have a favorite store for registries? Discuss (along with question one up there)…

Question number three
Cobalt and I are hard pressed to find an awesome comforter anywhere we’ve looked. Target, B3, etc. Nothing really caught our eyes as the most amazing and soft and warm comforter ever, which of course is the one we want. Who loves their comforter and wants to tell us where to register for ours?

Okay. So. To sum these these questions up for you guys
Topic: registries

  1. What brands do you like (kitchen stuff, kitchen machines, flatware sets)?
  2. Target and B3? Only B3? B3 and Amazon? or B3 and ………???
  3. Where do they sell awesome comforters?

Today’s picture – colorful sake from one of our favorite restaurants around here. We have not registered for these but maybe some people do (I just don’t think we drink enough sake to need our own).

Also, for those of you interested in actually getting stuff on our registry, we will post the finished versions on our wedding website when we are ready. :)

Ooo thanks! My FAVORite!

Hello friends and welcome to Wedding Wednesday! Today’s post (if you didn’t guess) is about wedding favors! Cobalt and I have been searching for the perfect favor for our guests and we want to know your thoughts!
We have been thinking about making crochet fortune cookies as our favors – with the fortune listing our names and the date. I realize this would be adding to my plate of things to do but I actually quite like crocheting and I actually also quite like the idea of giving my hands something constructive to do when I get stressed out (with work or wedding planning or both… you know how it goes). Also, I am thinking about calling out the cavalry and giving the pattern to anyone who knows how to crochet (if this is you, let me know!) and we can have a crochet fortune cookie making party (and Cobalt has already suggested that he be in charge of making the fortune part)! :D
Anyway, what I really want to know from you guys is what is your opinion on wedding favors? I know it has gotten really popular to have edible wedding favors, like candy or something the guests can munch on as they head back to the airport/drive home from the wedding but I guess for some reason that just seems impersonal in my opinion (for our wedding at least. No judging going on, people…). But then I also worry that we put all the effort into making a bunch of cute personalized crocheted fortune cookies and then I just give people more “stuff” to deal with… :-/


What do you think? Are the fortune cookies just going to stress us out and then just give guests something else to shove into their bags to take home? Or are they awesome? Or should we come up with an alternative idea (perhaps personalized but REAL fortune cookies bought from Oriental Trading Company?)…

If nothing else, we could always fall back on giving out miniature dinosaurs and frogs like those posing on top of my family’s old (1980s?) Macintosh computer in the picture (or you could decorate your old Macintosh with one of our crocheted fortune cookies… I think one would look nice there surrounded by all the dinosaurs…)


I said, didja hair me?!

Typical Potassium hair (flower not guaranteed)…

So let’s try a slightly less photography related entry. Weddings. Oh man… Wedding planning is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every day there seem to be more details I realize I should be thinking about. I mean, generally they are actually important (like shoes for the bridesmaids and such… probably pretty important…) but I just am not used to planning basically a huge party where I (or me and Cobalt… or just Cobalt) have to make all the decisions. So the other day, my friend asked me how I am going to wear my hair and I realized I should actually probably look into that seeing as my hair usually sees two different styles: up (ponytail or bun… sometimes two buns when I’m feeling especially awake in the mornings) and down (straight or curly, mostly curly because I have a lot of hair and it takes hours to straighten).

Anyway, after feeling panic/confusion (trying to imagine what my hair would look like “fancy”), I decided to check out some websites and look up wedding hair.

It’s a fairly new territory for me. Also, a territory that seems to omit people with my kind of hair (the crazy curly kind, which is why it usually remains contained and hidden in a ponytail), which worries me slightly. Most bridal pictures I see have girls with their hair straightened and then recurled. This style confuses me because my hair is already curly. Why would I straighten it just to curl it again? That sounds like a lot of work…. and hours in front of a mirror. And the other thing is that I am weird and I actually LIKE my curly hair. Now that I actually know how to contain it, I think it’s pretty easy to get it to do what I want. So again, not really feeling the straightening just to recurl thing. I am worried I would lose some part of me in that whole process…

And then besides the curly vs. straight question, there’s up vs. down! How do people choose these things? I feel really ungirly right now… :-/ Does anyone have any neat suggestions for naturally curly hair?

Halloween wedding

Halloween’s coming up so I thought it would be fitting to have a Halloween themed post today. Also, I thought it’d be kind of cute if my Tuesday and Thursday posts (my “free” days) were wedding themed this week. So we get this picture, taken at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO (known for its association with The Shining), which is all decorated for Halloween. There were pumpkin scarecrows everywhere! These two were my favorite because 1) yesssss I am planning my own wedding so I have a strange affinity for weddings right now but mostly 2) the sun was shining down on them in such a neat way that I just had to take a ton of pictures of them. So cute… Halloween bride and groom! Congrats guys! ;)